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Comic reviews December 2006 -JSA CLASSIFIED #19 – Part 1 of the 2-part “Skin Trade”. Featuring Dr. Mid-Nite

Posted by Adrian on December 1, 2006


JSA CLASSIFIED #19 – Part 1 of the 2-part “Skin Trade“. Featuring Dr. Mid-Nite

This is a spin off series from the general JSA Classified comic. It portrays a character called Dr. Mid-Nite . What an interesting character, I know little about, apart from what I have read that he is the first ‘eyesight challenged’ superhero, pre dating Daredevil. Although Dr. Mid-Nite is not entirely blind, his powers allow him to see in the dark. During the day he wears a visa that filers out light. Great concept for a character. He also has a pet owl that he uses for his surveillance. Dr. Mid-Nite was first created in 1941!

One of the reasons that I admire DC, is that they are consistent in their comics. You can pick up a comic like JSA #19 “Skin Trade” and know it’s not entirely aimed at teenagers. In fact, this comic has a maturity about it. Which is good. I was 16 when I started collecting Daredevil. I picked up Miller’s DD middle way through the series, prior to the conclusion of Frank Miller’s historic run. It was a mind blowing comic, because it’s no holds barred. It dealt with issues that were relevant at the time, and as Frank Miller has said, “it’s drama (life) with all the boring bits taking out, (re-quoted from Hitchcock on melodrama)”

So, JSA #19 – Dr. Mid-Nite #1 starts off with a narration on the myth of the “stolen kidney” trade. The narration tells the story of the hapless guy, seduced by the beautiful girl, drugs him – then calls in the partner in crime Doctor. Steals his kidney, leaves a note, tells him to medically get some attention and ‘by the way you need to go on a dialysis machine, we have taken your kidney’. The introduction of this story with Dr. Mid-Nite’s narration on the myth of illegal kidney removal, begins in a hospital. Where Dr. Mid-Nite debunks the myth for the nurse in front of a patient that has had his eyes removed. So the mystery begins.

This is a detective story, as it turns out that meta human’s are having limbs, organs and other body parts removed. Dr. Mid-Nite being a rational Doctor, attempts to track down the sources and reasons behind this ‘body part trade’.

Roulette is in this story and she is somewhat a clue in this meta ‘ body part trade’ Dr. Mid-Nite confronts The gambling villainess, in her “house” which is used as a casino, with meta human battling out and bets placed. Nice touch using her laptop playing the stock market selling off Lexcorp shares.

Without give too much away, Dr. Mid-Nite is a good read, the logical and serious Dr. Mid-Nite reveals a sinister body part trade in the meta human community. The writer Scott Beatty ties in the issues with the current cosmetic industry boom.

Nice clean art by Rags Morales.

Looking forward to the conclusion in JSA #20



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