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Career killer, or career booster, the ‘Madonna’ gamble.

Posted by Adrian on December 5, 2006

It worked for Madonna, late 80’s and early mid 90’s. Sex. Although she was able to exploit and challenge conservative view points of sex at the time. Her representation of sex, much like porn, was for financial gain. Sparks interest, market buys into it, releases book, some film clips. Watch records sales move up, more revenue is poured in. Loses some fans (maybe) gains other possible new fans. Good marketeers and market forecasters would advise her of current trend and public moods. How to capitalise on that. It’s a market campaign, and sex is always used in an uptight, conservative community like America as a money spinner. Madonna crusaded that sex and capitalism in music videos like no other at the time. Hence her competition was quite scarce.

In the over saturated post Madonna Eire of sex and music video. It’s hard to know what will sell, spark interest and re-ignite a fledgling career of a pop diva. The Internet is a marketing mayhem machine, real time and a pace like never before in history. “Hits” on blogs attribute to interest and potential market appeal and capital. Paris Hilton used this perfectly, her appeal is in the idea that she will reveal something else, a new sex vid, another “no undies” show and so on. Timed possible with a new perfume, jewelry, music clip or book. The old saying, ‘as long as they’re talking about you’

Question is can Britney Spears do the same? Only time will tell, for for now…I guess it’s old news, but for curiosity’s sake go here



2 Responses to “Career killer, or career booster, the ‘Madonna’ gamble.”

  1. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

  2. I am just amazed at how well you write! Keep-on going you are just so good… mary

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