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Comic reviews Dec 2006 – Star Wars: Legacy #6 (Darkhorse)

Posted by Adrian on December 5, 2006


Star Wars: Legacy #6

It’s good to see a progression in the Star Wars universe, so much regression has gone on. The prequel’s, which were so unskillfully done by the Stars Wars creator George Lucus (he should of done one prequel, not three, two bombed, the last in the prequel’s trilogy Revenge of The Sith somewhat saved Lucus from being killed by a crazed Star Wars nerd/fan). Remember the wisdom from an old art teacher, that an artists can overwork the piece, thus effecting it’s quality. Such as George Lucus’s Star Wars 1,2,3. As one movie reviewer once said, “it’s amazing how star wars fans forgave George”. Maybe they didn’t, maybe they don’t care. If you are Star Wars fan, or devotee. It’s essentially your universe. As long as you put Lucus Arts somewhat in your fan work; you can expand the ideas set down by the original three movies.

Star Wars Legacy is set 137+ years after the battle of Yavin (Return of The Jedi). Darkhorse has done a great job with the Starwars franchise. Legacy is a good indication of that.

Sith want control of the Empire again, so the Empire has been spilt in two. The new Emperor Roan Fel is on one side, The Sith and Imperial forces loyal to Darth Krayt on the other

Cade Skywalker is caught in the middle. No longer interested in The Force, he is a bounty-hunter. The Emperors daughter Princess Marasiah Fel is pursed by the Sith. Imperial Knights, defying an order by her father not to go to her rescue, arrive on the planet Vendaxa. Where Cade’s ship is being repaired and Cade’s party are (which includes a Jedi, and Cade’s bounty-hunter colleagues) recovering from a previous run in with Darth Talon (Sith assassin for Darth Kyat).

Darth Talon and other Sith lords confront Princess Marasiah Fel, the Imperial Knights and Cade Skywalker’s crew.

The battle begins, not long into the battle, tragedy occurs; which is the turning point of which Cade Skywalker embraces his ‘legacy’ as a Jedi.

Even if you are not a die hard fan of the Star Wars Universe, it’s a solidly written comic. With a compelling story

The writer John Ostrander has rearranged the idea of alliances and ruling bodies. Obviously the Imperial’s still hold the magnitude of power in the future Star War universe. Yet it’s split from the Sith who want to reclaim Sith supremacy in the Universe. Which leaves the poor old Jedi trying to reclaim some significance again.

Art by Jan Duursema, he has a good style, particularly drawing the Sith.


2 Responses to “Comic reviews Dec 2006 – Star Wars: Legacy #6 (Darkhorse)”

  1. […] continuation from #6. After Princess Marasiah Fel (Sia) is cut down by Darth Talon, Cade Skywalker grabs her light-saber […]

  2. bobbyRicky said

    i like your style – very fresh

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