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Comic reviews Dec 2006 – Welcome to Tranquility #1 (Wildtstorm)

Posted by Adrian on December 11, 2006


Welcome to Tranquility #1

Gail Simone is a great writer, I have always enjoyed her comics. Her Secret Six on DC is, in my opinion, one of the best comics of 2006. Violent, sexy and quirky, with a nice mix of Gail’s humorous writing style.
Tranquility has her similar style, but it’s is a story about a town (Tranquility) where retired super hero’s and reformed villains end up. One of the advantages of the Windstorm universe, is you can keep expanding it; since it’s seems infinite (infinite earths?). So the story doesn’t seem out of place, the super-being ideas are fresh, brand new (albeit oldage). So in that sense, Gail and other writers can expand or come up with new ideas, like making super-heros and villains age and retire. Tranquility is a story about these retired super-beings.

The story starts with the Town Sherif Thomasina Lindo in discussion with a reporter and her camera guy. Of course the media attention that the Sheriff and the town are now getting is timed (by coincidence) by a string of incidents. The senile and eccentric old superhero Maxi Millions crashes her rocket car in the street, almost killing the occupants, the Sherif and reporter.

Even though Tranquility has been a town of the old and forgotten superheros and reformed super villains of yesterday, it appears something is in the works in Tranquility. The town might not so Tranquil after all.

Simone keeps a good momentum through out the comic. She also has a kinda sarcastic humor. I feel it’s stab at rigid aspects of conservatism in America. A subtle cynism for traditionalism, and stereotypes. A good example of this, is the book’s heroine (the sheriff) takes the reporter to Chick’n & Go (Tranquility’s fast food restaurant). She introduces the reporter to some old timer super heroes, including two old guys who comment about the ‘ debonair’ older superhero gent – who introduces himself to the reporter. The two other elderly retired super-heros make a comment on that ‘he is gay right?’ The Sheriff dismisses the assumptions by saying that she ‘slept with him’, whilst eating her food. It’s funny seeing that it’s a bunch of elderly men gossiping, and it’s a rational female who dismisses the rumors by telling them of her real sexual experience with the old ‘super hero’ guy. That is a nice touch swapping sex stereotypes, the gossip from the old guys and the level headed female.

Some ‘punk’ kids enter the diner, this is where the story really begins. After a fight with these young hoods, one of the elderly ex super hero’s is lying stabbed in the chest.

The mystery begins.Tranquility is going to be an interesting read. Nice clean art by Neil Googe.



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