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Comic Reviews Dec 2006 – Midnighter #2 (Wildstorm)

Posted by Adrian on December 14, 2006


Midnighter #2 (Wildstorm)

Not to be confused with Dr. Mid-Nite, although their costumes are somewhat similar. The homosexual Midnighter is a one track killing machine. Part of The Authority on Wildstorm Comics. For me Midnighter first appeared in Captain Atom Armageddon. One the best fight sequences in a comic for 2006 was the fight between Grifter and Captain Atom V’s Midnighter and Apollo. With an absolute brutal outcome for the Grifter, courtesy of the Midnighter and Apollo. I still feel Captain Atom Armageddon stands as one the best comics of 2006.
For the spinoff Midnighter run, Wildstorm have enlisted one of the most creative writers in comics today, which is Garth Ennis

The Midnighter who seems bored, chooses a country to cause some mayhem. Using the The Authority ship portal, he chooses Afghanistan (Ennis’s problematic social and political battleground theme in his comics). After devastating a US tank patrol, sparing one tank (Midnighter “Allah was merciful today”). He then returns back to the “Carrier”, only to be jumped and kidnapped going through the portal.

Midnighter is being set up by a character called Paulus , a rich industrialist, who has implanted a bomb in the Midnighter’s chest. We learn at the end of #1, that Paulus wants Midnighter to go back in time to kill Hitler. In Midnighter #2 we learn that Paulus is Jewish and his parents were murdered at Auschwitz . Ennis’s Midnighter has little patience for humanity, nor is he too happy being forced to kill for Phallus. Midnighter is sent back to 1914 (via Paulus’s time travel technology) during WW1 where a young Hitler is a message boy for the German field high command. ‘Black humour’ abound as the Midnighter appears in front of French and German troops who have gone bonkers killing each other in the trenches. Midnighter couldn’t give a damn about any of them or their pointless conflict. Funny sequence where Midnighter finds Hitler and knees him in the balls. Drags in over to a trench to kill him. Which the Midnighter says, ‘ I am going to enjoy this’. At this point as The Midnighter attempts to kill Hitler, Hitler and time freezes by what appears to be the ‘Time Cops’.

This is going to be a good series. Midnighter is a great character, obviously Ennis is going to make the Midnighter series a lot of fun to read.


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  1. comicbookfan said

    Nice review there. 🙂 I put up a post on the Midnighter on my blog. Check it out when you have the time, I’ll appreciate any feedback you can provide!

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