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Comic Reviews Dec 2006 – Civil War #5

Posted by Adrian on December 18, 2006


Civil War #5.

The Mark Millar run of civil war draws to a conclusion (only 2 comics to go). It’s an enjoyable comic, not a great comic. It’s simple, ‘pulp fiction’ reading. I have criticisms of the way the Civil War comics have been handled; but the criticisms are not so much from the writing perspective but rather a business one. See, Civil War could be a better comic, a much better comic. Millar’s 7 part Civil War series is a basic read. A lot of the ‘guts’ have been taking out, it’s not a detailed comic, nor overly descriptive either. In fact it is not laden with much dialogue at all. It’s stripped down and palatable. The problem lies with the fact that Marvel have splintered off the more detailed story to Civil War Frontline (written by PAUL JENKINS). Breaking the Civil War story into separate comics is unnecessary, ‘tie ins’ are fine. But the Civil War ‘one shots’, the 1 to 14 part series Civil War Front line and the soon to be released Civil War Warcrimes. What does this all add up too? Well extra capital and extra sales on the Civil War title, which essentially should be ONE comic. Not two, with a third in the works (Civil War Warcrimes). One detailed comic, which would include the Frontline aspect written into the story, plus other aspects from Warcrimes. Spinning off the Civil War theme into various Marvel universe characters comics is fine. Millar’s Civil War should have more impact then what it does now, unfortunately Civil War (Mark Millar) will not be a memorable comic. By spreading out the product, you are making the reader want more, because of the dissatisfaction in the story and conclusions in the so called ‘core’ comic, Millar’s Civil War; the reader looks elsewhere, so you end up picking up Frontline. That’s over capitalizing the Civil War comic run, and just greedy from a companies perspective. Unimpressed.

So, on with the review. We see the unsure and the disillusioned turning their backs on the registration act. A battered and beaten Captain America regroups his side, new to Capt America team is the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and Invisible women (Susan Richards) – who has walked out on that fool Mr Fantastic. We find Spiderman is losing patience with the justification of Tony Stark (Iron Man) fanaticism with the registration act, Spiderman bails (not after Iron Man tries to destroy him, or severally injuring him). The new Thunderbolts have been released. Jack O’Lantern, and The Jester track down a already battered Spiderman (courtesy of Ironman). Spiderman get’s another beating to the point of death, when the Punisher turns up and kills both Jack O’Lantern and the Jester. Rescues Spiderman, and takes him to Capt Americas hideout. Punisher wants to join Capt’s Side, justifying the reason that Tony Stark/S.H.E.I.L.D and Mr Fantastic are releasing known killers to hunt down the unregistered superheros.


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