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The Conscious Consumer

Posted by Adrian on December 21, 2006

With the mass consumption that has occurred from booming economies in the west. It is  good advice that we are conscious of what we buy and consume. Not entirely from ethical or even health perspectives. But more from financial and quality based. From the mass of products that have flooded our markets. How much of those products are honest in their representation? Remember most businesses or companies want your revenue, so their products are designed at times to appeal to the markets and it’s trends. There is nothing essentially wrong with that per say, but a conscious consumer should be fussy about the product they are purchasing. This includes foods, electronics anything you purchase – scrutinise.

Check out an article from CNNMoney written by Marc Gunther of Forbes regarding Kraft Guacamole dip, and Coke Cola Green Tea drink claims that it helps you burn calories, but as Marc Gunther of Forbes points out. You’ll need to drink A LOT of this drink to see any potential weight lost benefits. That means you’ll drop a lot of monies for this one, that is if you care about the calorie burn aspect.

A lawsuit has occurred recently regarding misleading advertising for Kraft’s Guacamole dip.

Read article here


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