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Top 5 comics year ending 2006

Posted by Adrian on December 28, 2006


1.Captain Atom Armageddon – Wildstorm

I really enjoyed this comic. The ‘stranger in the strange place’ scenario is always a solid theme if handled well. And Will Pfeiffer handled this theme very well. It was captivating seeing how Captain Atom interacted within the alternative reality, which he also learns (not by any desire of his own) that he will eventually destroy this reality and the known universe. Great cross over with the Wildcats and The Authority, well written interaction with The Grifter and the dilemma that Capt Atom had in the comic. Love story was a nice touch between the slightly dysfunctional Engineer (The Authority) character and Captain Atom. Always good to see ‘she likes me one day, she is trying to kill me the next’ love story theme.

Art was amazing (Giuseppe Camuncoli), action sequences still stand as some the best I have seen in a long time. Just a really enthralling comic, the fight between Grifter and Midnighter, Captain Atom and Apollo has got to be one of the best for 2006.


2. Secret Six – DC comics

No one in the world of comic writers, mixes sex and violence with a quirky off beat sense of humour as well as Gail Simone.

Secret Six had all this and more. Simone’s Secret Six showed how how to create a comic that could represent characters that aren’t clean and nice like others in the DC universe, yet hold your attention to them, be sympathetic with them and hope most of them will come out alive after this run.

With all that sex, intrigue, mayhem, betrayal and lunacy the Secret Six in some ways are now a major player in the same universe as Superman and Batman. Issue #6 will finish off this series. Who knows what will come next. Will Simone come back and do another Secret Six mini next year? I hope so. They have certainly left their mark thanks to Simone’s series. Great comic.


3. Punisher – Max comics

A solid, gritty and at times nasty comic. I loved it! Garth Ennis could switch from various world issues, dump the Punisher into these current situations and see how he fairs up. Slavers was one of the more memorable Punisher comic runs for 2006 (although they were all good), dealing with the sex slave trade mostly out of former Eastern Bloc countries. Well researched and put together.With the Punisher destroying as much as he could of the Euro to USA sex slave trade and freeing most of the women effected. A sad yet poignant reminder that the free markets and economic boom that has occurred also brought the exploitation of human beings; who missed the economic upswing.

Looking forward to Ennis taking the Punisher into 2007.


4. Moonknight – Marvel comics

This was unexpected. After hoping Marvel could lift their game with their publications. In other words put out a decent comic, amidst of the overkill of X-Men, Spiderman and the Ultimates etc. Along comes Moon Knight, written by Charlie Huston and amazing art by David Finch. Perfect comic for winter, especially Huston setting for the revival Moon Knight; which was rain, overcast and cold. Marc Specter whose alas is Moon Knight, is a beaten and pathetic man. His enemies see this as a time to attack him, at his most vulnerable – and they do. A brutal build up, as he fights (both mentally and physically) his way back to reclaim his identity as Moon Knight. The God of vengeance . It’s a rare moment when you get artist that can compliment the style of the writing. Finch handles this to perfection. In a lot of ways Moon Knight is a horror comic. The imagery is dark, creepy and some of the characters are horrific. Finch made the Taskmaster (main Moon Knight Villain) look very impressive. Can The Taskmaster ever be drawn again to match Finch’s style? Probably not. A dark, well written and violent comic. I am Surprised Moon Knight didn’t directly get it’s own MAX run. Still I would like to see the Taskmaster get his own run, that would be great.

An artists change for 2007 could disrupt the momentum (Finch is leaving), just have to wait and see.

How about Huston does a limited Daredevil MAX run?


5. American Way – Wildstorm

One of the more political comics to come out of 2006. Written by John Ridley (writer for Three Kings – movie). Innovating theme of propaganda and superheros set in the 60’s amidst all the political/social upheaval. Nice mirror of reflection in some ways to what is happening now. To keep the masses happy, the American government sets up villains and superhero’s as a spectacle to give something for the people to believe in. As the civil rights movement is trying to gain some momentum. It all changes when a death (accidental) occurs whilst a staged superhero performance takes place. The new marketing guy, suggest that they include an African American superhero – then everything goes south. Literally. The group divides, the Nation divides all because of the colour of skin. A racist serial killer is released amidst the fighting between superheros and chaos ensures.

A good story with a reminder that we should not always believe what we hear and see, and the governments usually are poor managers of the people.


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