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Comic Reviews January 2007 -Punisher War Journal #2 (Marvel Comics)

Posted by Adrian on January 9, 2007


Punisher War Journal #2

How good is Ariel Olivetti’s art? Amazing. Beautifully rendered and detailed comic art. He put’s a lot of expression and emotion into the faces of the characters in the comic. Matt Fraction is writing up a great angle on the Punisher as the rogue vigilante now working with Captain America and the “good guys” and their conflict against the registration act for superheros (Civil War). Olivetti’s art covers the interaction and dialogue between the Punisher and Captain America very well. Fraction writes the Punisher in this issue as a guy that doesn’t really care who wins; he will always remain a fugitive. Yet decides to help out Captain America, due to the fact the “bad guys” (pro registration forces lead by Ironman) are using super criminals to track down the anti registration superheros.

You see Punisher trying to understand Captain America’s tactics, in trying to use non lethal force in winning the war. The plan is to break into the Baxter building by using the help of the Ironman obsessed Stuart Clarke (look out for Clarke’s cute little Ironmen robots). The Punisher is using Clarke’s help on this, as long as he stays out of being a villain. Otherwise he is dead. Clarke is the temporary “Microchip” helping hand that the Punisher had years ago, until the Punisher blew his head off.

Captain America is somewhat irritating, in fact Luke Cage is too, they both seem to whine a lot. During a meeting with two super criminals who decide to join the unregistered side with Captain America. Capt America decides that he will let them join, the Punisher steps in to the meeting, says ‘no deals’ and kills them both. Captain America then attacks The Punisher. But as we know, the two super criminals are a plants from the Ironman camp, right?

F raction is bringing a different feel to The Punisher War Jounal, and like I said the art is mindblowing, I love it. Olivetti and Fraction are turning this into a classic. I hope they both take this further than the Civil War run.


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