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ipod now iphone. Apple Fast Food Tech Machine churns out the product.

Posted by Adrian on January 12, 2007


I was going to file this under Finance and Economy, but I thought popular culture would be fitting; in the sense Apple was able to captivate, and motivate popular culture and sell profits on mass. I was never really into iPod, the ads were horrible, what with that silhouette frantic dancing, dreadful Jet soundtrack. So I bought an Iriver instead, haven’t look back.

I guess in a business sense Apple was able to sell a product and instill that product into popular culture. They have done this extremely well. What they probably didn’t do well (which is becoming more evident) and most likely didn’t care, is pump the iPod out in a fast food manner – albeit at quite a large price to the consumer. It turns out the first iPod was a faulty piece of junk, costly for battery replacement and service. Class actions occurred over the was you could easily scratch the covers of the nano iPod. All this suggests that Apple have decided to release untested, crappy stuff to the masses. But the masses buy it, because the marketing divisions of Apple are adept at tuning into the trends or creating trends.

Now Apple’s iPhone has run into problems and as a product it hasn’t even been released yet. On January Tuesday 9th 2007 Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed Apples newest gadget, the iPhone, set to (apparently) “revolutionise” mobile phone use and wireless integration. Only a few days latter Cisco Systems have sued Apple, claiming they had patented the name iPhone in 2000, for their Wireless-G Phone. Cisco Systems also said they were in negotiations with Apple for the use of the iPhone name. but no outcome was reached at that point with Apple. Apple went ahead and revealed it’s new product despite the fact a deal using a Cisco trademark had not been reached.


One Response to “ipod now iphone. Apple Fast Food Tech Machine churns out the product.”

  1. catgirl said

    I have a G5, so I’m obviously commenting as the converted. Can’t help but be enthralled by the spinning scroll….they got me. I know apple have their flaws, but…the thought of the other……..

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