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Comic reviews January 2007 – Midnighter #3 (Wildstorm Comics)

Posted by Adrian on January 15, 2007


Midnighter #3

This a fun read. Picks up after the Time Police freezes time before Midnighter can kill Hitler in the trenches of WW1 (#2). Garth Ennis as a writer can hold your attention, if the art can back this up too you have an amazing combination. The art in Midnighter doesn’t let Ennis down. It’s definitely a tongue and cheek story. One of the aspects I respect about Ennis’s characters, he writes up a strong female characters. In this case it’s the Sargent of the Time Police called ‘Bonnie’. Just before the end of #2, Midnighter knees Hitler in the testicles, the Time Police freeze time with Hitler holding his sore balls. The Time Police ship hovers above, of course the Midnighter resists arrest, and kicks the’ frozen in time’ Hitler (still clutching his balls) up onto the deck of the Time Police ship. The Time Police then cop a hell of a beating by the Midnighter. The Sarge (Bonnie) trying desperately to subdue the Midnighter get’s her electro charged baton and slams it down of the Midnighter’s crotch. It has been amusing how many balls have been attacked in this series so far. It’s actually amusing how many times The Midnighter beats down on the Time Police with two escape attempts! How much can human bodies take? Heads banged together, finger’s and limbs crunched, and yes testies kicked. Although we learn from Bonnie that the genes of the Time Police have been altered with Rhino genes.

After attempting to subdue and restrain the Midnighter the second time. The Times Police are on their way going through the ‘Hitler Time Line’ back to their future to hand the Midnighter in for breaking the Time Travel regulations act. Midnighter escapes with a mega (last of) beat-down of the Time Police, this time the Time Police ship goes out of it’s time line and crashes through into Berlin 1945 end of ww2. Now at this point with the Time Police totally incapacitated. Midnighter makes his way to kill Hitler. Bonnie (Sarge) injured from the crash is helpless in stopping the Midnighter as he goes on his way to find and kill Hitler, “before the bastard dies”.


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