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Comic Reviews January 2007 – Civil War #6 (Marvel Comics)

Posted by Adrian on January 16, 2007


Civil War #6

Now with the Punisher aiding Captain American and the unregistered super hero’s. The odds are back in favour for Captain America and his anti registration side. The Punisher reveals the whereabouts of the secret 42 base. After breaking into the Baxter building (Fantastic Four, Richard Reeds base), and accessing the Baxter computer mainframe. Meanwhile, Reeds and IronMan are aware that a final confrontation with Captain America’s side is looming.

There is just something really irritating about Reed, no wonder Dr Doom wanted to kill him, and it’s no wonder Susan Reed left him. Millar seems to have written him as the flaky, obsessive scientist – working on a failing social/biological experiment (the registration act, and the Thor Clone). IronMan is off the wall with irritation, I never really followed IronMan before. But he was always portrayed as the Playboy billionaire. In Civil War he comes across as maniacal driven patriotic nut. It could be Millar tapping into blind patriotism. One panel in #6 shows Iron man standing holding the American flag, by himself on some skyscraper – whilst talking to Reed (via comlink), who is busy trying to fix Thors (Clone) faulty brains (remember Thor killed Goliath)

The Punisher is the anarchic wedge in someways. As Captain American is approached by two super villains, The Punisher walks in an executes them. He (Punisher) get’s a nasty beating by Captain America. Thus ends Captain America’s professional relationship with the Punisher. After Captain America tells the rest of his team that the Punisher is too leave the Capt America camp.

Civil War #6 is the prelude to the big battle ahead. After the Punisher reveals the secret 42 holding facility to Captain America, Captain America and his team go through the portal to arrive at the 42 base. Only to be confronted by IronMan and his army. Which includes the Thuderbolts (super villains).

Iron man reveals that Tygra (Captain America side) is spy. Hence knowing most of Capt’s Plans. Capt reveals that Pym (YellowJacket) is actually Hulkling (shape changer). Who steps over to Capt’s side, and as Capt America explains to IronMan that the numbers should be even now; as Hulkling has opened the prisons of all the captured unregistered superheros.

Civil War #7 is the big fight, looking forward to that.

Check Newsarama for previews


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