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Husk Clothing Shops Melbourne, Australia (update Oct 2007)

Posted by Adrian on January 16, 2007

Updated October 2007

*I get a lot of traffic coming through morbius glass regarding Husk Clothing Melbourne (looking for the URL link). That’s ok, but I should revise my recent thoughts of the shop.

I would pay for authentic Moroccan metal kitchen wear, with the knocks and kinks (ie handmade), not some second rate crap from India made to look like Moroccan kitchen wear. A sparse and cheap looking shop, it has (maybe it never had it anyway) lost it’s originality.*



2 Responses to “Husk Clothing Shops Melbourne, Australia (update Oct 2007)”

  1. BDawg said

    Husk is cool, but it’s also expensive (0:

  2. zekukith said

    yeah I like the Mens stuff, pants (for what I saw) were a little over priced. good concept though, what with the coffee, house products etc.

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