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Comic reviews January 2007 – Star Wars: Legacy #7 (Darkhorse)

Posted by Adrian on January 18, 2007


Star Wars: Legacy #7

A continuation from #6. After Princess Marasiah Fel (Sia) is cut down by Darth Talon, Cade Skywalker grabs her light-saber and attacks the Sith, meanwhile Deliah Blue (Cades mechanic) is still working on the Mynock (Cade’s, bounty-hunters ship). The Imperial Knights, remaining two Jedi and Cade all try to fend off the Sith, Sia is approached by Imperial Knight Antares Draco. At this point Sia is still alive from the Darth Talon attack. Has to be said that Sia is one of the sexiest female comic characters being drawn at the moment ( please note not a Duursema drawing correction: the pic of Sia was drawn by Jan Duursema). Jan Duursema draws her very well, great look, with the grey/white streak through the middle of her hair. Anyway back to the review, Antares realises Sia is fading fast, and they must get her to Cade’s ship for treatment. The Jedi, Imperial Knights and Cade retreat back from the marauding Sith. They make their escape. Duursema knows how to make the Sith look menacing. The Sith in Legacy look nothing like Darth Maul or even Darth Vader from the Lucus Star Wars Movies. Legacy era Sith are more tribal looking, facial tattoos, their light sabers are more sculpted; very impressive.

Cade the Imperial Knights and Jedi escape from Vendexa on the Mylock, thanks to Deliah Blue (she is not bad either). Sia is laid out on the makeshift medical table She is dying, Antares who is in love with Sia, demands that the move quickly, and she hasn’t got much time. Cade walks over to her, he can revive her, with his dark force power. Antares who is reluctant to have Cade near his lover (since Sia was struck down by Darth Talon, which should have been Cade). But, after a brief stand off between Imperial Knights and the Jedi, Antares agrees. So Cade releases his life reviving power (that only powerful Sith can achieve), he revives Sia. Walks away drained, falls behind some boxes. A great panel by artists Duuresma, showing in the shadows, the telltale mark of the Sith – the yellowy eyes. Jedi Wolf Sazen comforts Cade, clearly knowing how close Cade was to the dark side in reviving Sia. Cade request that this never be discussed.

They make it to Bastion, where Emperor Roan Fel resides. Elated he has his daughter back alive, the Mynock is repaired and Cade’s crew are guests. Sia thanks Cade in a more intimate manner (sleeps with him). Cade leaves without disturbing Sia, the two Jedi ask if they can get a lift. Cade obliges, we can assume that the Jedi will attempt to bring Cade back into their fold and retrain him again.

But Cade is a traumatised man after seeing his father killed at the hands of the Sith when he was younger. He has rebelled against authority and the Jedi ever since.

Meanwhile Darth Talon and Darth Nihl return to Coruscant, Darth Talon expects to be killed by Darth Krayt and willingly offers her self to be a sacrifice to her failure. Darth Krayt declines, he is interested to learn that Cade is alive and a potential powerful adversary or ally.

Thus ends chapter 1.

This is going be a great comic, very well put together and thought out. It gives a new perspective on the Star Wars franchise and that is needed. It helps progress the Star War universe. I recommend Star Wars Legacy if you are a Star Wars fan, or someone who wants to pick up a well written and well drawn comic. Go get it!


5 Responses to “Comic reviews January 2007 – Star Wars: Legacy #7 (Darkhorse)”

  1. zekukith said

    Was it Deliah Blue or Sia that Cade had sex with at the end of the comic? It looked like Sia

    from: Check end, spoiler section.

  2. Glad you are liking Legacy so far. The pic you have up of Sia is in fact one of my drawings from Legacy 0, as is the pic of Deliah from the same issue.

  3. zekukith said

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks for posting. I have corrected orginal review, regarding Sia drawing.
    Keep up the good work. Legacy is turning into a great comic.

  4. Steven Robinson said

    “Sia thanks Cade in a more intimate manner (sleeps with him)”.
    Color Brad Anderson’s face red with embarassment.
    So, will issue #7 be reprinted? And if so, will the coloring error be rectified?
    I hope so; the Cade/Blue ‘shippers could have their version, the Cade/Sia ‘shippers theirs.

  5. PiterJankovich said

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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