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Sacred Sin. Double DVD Limited Edition (Ninn Worx)

Posted by Adrian on January 19, 2007


Firstly the DVD packaging is stunning, simply beautiful. The fold out case, with the attached booklet and photos are an art piece in it’s self. The DVD packaging art is done in a Neo Victorian Gothic feel.

Micheal Ninn is trying to break the mold of the adult industry. Let’s face it, modern porn has dumbed down so much to the point of repetitive pointlessness. Ninn’s visuals are stunning, the soundtrack is atmospheric which is perfect for the story. The DVD starts at some-point in the1800’s Heather Vuur plays a woman fraught with anguish over the death of her son, her husband (Jean Val Jean) frustrated that Vuur is unable to come out of her mourning, ends up having sex with Vuur’s maid Jassie. Vuur ends up shooting dead both of them. Ninn’s stylised visuals and music score intertwines with the story as Vuur reveals her anger and dislike for God and her pact with the devil; whom she has become a servant. Fast-forward to present day, both Vuur and Jassie (now a disciple of Vuur) kidnap a young women; in which Vuur uses one of her devil minions to have sex with the young kidnapped woman (she is seduced). Enter the Detective Welch (played by Nick Manning), he also a man with a tortured past, with the death of his wife and child. Ninn keeps the dreamy, distorted visuals within the pace of this DVD. The editing is exceptionally well done. Especially with the scene where the Detective confronts his bible in his depressed state. In the background he is seduced by images of scanty clad women. These are well shot scene’s, with the detective holding his whisky bottle in one hand and a gun in his other hand.

Sacred Sin is a adult flick, the sex is worked into scene’s that are relevant to the story. In one scene Welch is promised (by Vuur) that he can see his wife again. In which he does in a dreamlike setting and has sex with her. Ninn appears to be addressing the right and wrong or the morality of religious interference in free will. You have Vuur on one side quoting to her self the importance of free will and how Satan is the true rebel that can release us from God’s restriction on our freedom. One the other side the troubled ‘Irish heritage’ Catholic Welch and his devotion to his Bible and his (and everybody else’s) moral obligation to God, to help him cope with life.

The soundtrack is by Eddie Van Halen (remember him?), eerie piano and synthesiser overlapped with a haunting female voice. The acting is good (seriously!), they all put in a good effort. Personally you could see Jassie become a potential mainstream actresses. She has a good presence, seemed to enjoy the part of Vuurs cohort. Heather Vuur puts in a stella performance (considering this a porno) as a mistress of the devil. Lookout for the scene where Vuur and Jassie sew shut the mouth and eyes of the Catholic priest.

There will be a Sacred Sin 2, as Welch (he puts in a good performance too) , is obviously going to confront Vuur as he is becoming the advocate for God. So it’s a good v’s evil thing, with a lot of sex in between. Like I mentioned before the packaging is amazing. The effort and uniqueness put into the layout, packaging and presentation of this double edition of Sacred Sin is very impressive. The accompanying DVD has extra scene’s, trailers and making of.

Michael Ninn could be on to something here. Worth checking out.

Ninn Worx homepage *please advise that this page may contain nudity and/or explicit imagery. Using this link you must be 18 or over.


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