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Comic reviews January 2007 – JSA Classified #20. “Skin Trade” Part 2 of 2 – Featuring Dr Mid-Nite

Posted by Adrian on January 22, 2007


JSA CLASSIFIED #20. “Skin Trade” part 2 of 2

What an enjoyable comic. Dr Mid-Nite is an intriguing character. The first vision impaired super hero and there are no real similarities to Marvel’s DareDevil. Dr Mid-Nite can see in the dark (perfectly), but cannot see in daylight. Daredevil who is completely blind relies on superhuman touch, smell and his radar sense as an advantage. Dr Mid-Nite uses his ability to see in the dark as his advantage in which he carries blackout bombs to disorientate his opponent’s. He is also an expert in martial arts. Plus he knows every weak point on a human body. Dr Mid -Nite is also a very centred, rational character, a surgeon, detective and a debunker of myths (within the context of the superhuman world). Whether Daredevil is mentally complex and a wounded character.

Skin Trade #2 (please refer to my review of Skin Trade #1), written by Scott Beatty, is a detective story and a mystery. For a comic that lasted 2 issues within the JSA classified run, Dr Mid-Nite getting a two part issue slotted into the JSA run; the Skin Trade mystery is an extremely well crafted and well written comic. The art by Rags Morales, captures Beatty’s ideas and action in Skin Trade very well. The mystery of the meta-human (mutants in the Marvel Universe) body part trade has enough little twists and turns to keep you interested. I am very reluctant to give away too much in this review. Although the gist of the story as is follows: Dr Mid-Nite is captured, he is confused at the original purpose of the meta-human Body Part Trade; there is a cross references to another meta-human transplant character called the Ultra Humanite, a crazy doctor, a damsel in distress who evolves into something more sinister ( the character “Endless Winter”). All tied in by an obsessive desire of the wealthy acquiring meta-human body parts to create longevity and youthfulness. Beatty draws a lot of references from the movie industry and plastic surgery industries, or a society obsessed with plastic surgery. Great dialogue from Dr Mid-Nite as he outsmarts his opponents both mentally and physically. He is a very cool character. Like to see more of him. It’s definitely worth picking up ‘Skin Trade’ #1 and #2, if you are into Detective type comics. Don’t worry Dr Mid-Nite is no wimpy Sherlock Holmes, he kicks some ass and punches out a few villain’s on the way to solving the mystery. Since he is knowledgeable in the human anatomy (being a surgeon), he knows how to inflict pain.


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