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Comic reviews January 2007 – She Hulk #14 (Marvel Comics)

Posted by Adrian on January 24, 2007



How did I miss this one! I always thought She Hulk came across as a character for kids . This is definitely not the case. Very adult in some ways. Being of the popular culture theme (media) of the ‘single female lawyer’ Jennifer Walters (She Hulk is a Lawyer), her relationships with various men, superpowered or not superpowered. Unlike her cousin The Hulk who has absolutely no control over himself when he becomes The Hulk, Walters can become She Hulk and her personality remains intact. We learn that She Hulk is now married. She is now a wife to the character called StarGod, or Man-Wolf. In this issue she wants an annulment from Man Wolf (she also shares his surname Jameson).

The main theme with this issue is the love sick android Awesome Andy, a multi-adaptive character that can emulate the powers and attributes of any life form. We also learn his origins, that he was created by the Mad Thinker (Villain). It’s actually quite a sad issue. Andy works at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway where Walters (She Hullk) works. He is an enduring character, who communicates with a display board that is activities by WiFi from his CPU. Awesome Andy has fallen in love with co worker Mallory Book. Andy develops feelings of love after absorbing them from the character Starfox (who has pheromone type ability). Book does not share Andy’s love, thus he feels rejected. So the issue is him going over the past, his creator The Mad Thinker and how Andy can cope with feelings of love and rejection. You got to feel for this character. He daydreams that Book will fall in love with him, but it doesn’t eventuate, instead she falls in love with the Two Gun Kid. Dan Slott writes She Hulk as an offbeat and quirky comic, but it’s very original. His writing reminds me of Gail Simone’s (Secret Six, Tranquility), humour, tragedy and of course various liaisons (sex). So, like Simone’s style, you can relate to these characters in some way or another.

Walters (She Hulk) returns to find Andy has left Goodman, Lieber Kurtzberg & Holliway, she also learns that she has been conscripted into S.H.E.I.L.D part of the Civil War tie in, her new base will be on the S.H.E.I.L.D heli-carrier.

Meanwhile, Andy decides to end it all, or does he? He ends up jumping off the Empire State Building, only to fall onto some flying seagulls. In which he absorbs their flying ability, and we see Andy flying off into the horizon. To find the “answers”. Very melancholy.



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