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Feburary Comic Reviews 2007 She Hulk #15 – Planet Without a Hulk Part 1 of 4

Posted by Adrian on February 7, 2007



I like She Hulk, Dan Slott writes her as an independent, slightly cynical character. She is also undoubtedly a sexy superhero, there is no doubt about that at all. She Hulk has been drafted as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, reluctantly she complies. Part of Tony Starks (Ironman) plan to have She Hulk replace the Hulk, as far as been able to take on the more powerful superheros. She Hulk is going through a indecisive time, her marriage to John Jameson was not 100% consented by her, and she seems stuck between changing into She Hulk and changing back to Jennifer Walters. Slott keeps the dialogue amusing with her superhero therapist, Doc Samson on tap, when ever She Hulk needs some therapy. Suffice to say Jennifer (She Hulk) is now staying aboard the S.H.E.I.L.D Heli Carrier, she has been assigned to a unit with Clay Quatermain and Agent Cheesecake (a sexy female android). The unit has be sent to Reno US, as the Abomination has destroyed half the Town, and is eating at diner called ‘Horn-dogs’ watching the ice-skating.

The S.H.E.I.L.D unit is on it’s way, with She Hulk using a flying suit, as she glides down towards the Abomination. Fight ensures, funny dialogue by the Abomination; as he attempts to dismember She hulk. She Hulk uses her ‘Shulk Fu’ fighting style; Slott pays homage to Kung Fu martial arts films of old. But the more She Hulk antagonizes The Abomination, the more he turns into a raging Hulk like manic. She Hulk, not used to dealing with a brawling Hulk like character, calls in Doc Samson (on her comlink), asking advice on how to deal with an enraged Abomination. Doc Samson explains that the Abomination’s physical form, and anger is because of his repulsion for his own appearance. Using that psychological advice, she Hulk talks the Abomination down, then kicks his arse.

Clay Quatermain is written as the ‘do it by the book’ S.H.E.I.L.D agent, he is stiff (no pun intended) and official in his duties. Agent Cheesecake takes down some looters, Quatermain cleans up the mess after the She Hulk Abomination battle. He (Quatermain) asks she hulk does she still go by her married name Jameson, she says we are not married anymore, he replies “really?”. Both Quatermain and She Hulk end up having sex back on the Heli Carrier. Last panels of the comic, she She Hulk hoping out of bed, with a snoozing Quatermain. We see some more perplexed emotion from She Hulk, as she says, that Jennifer wouldn’t do what she does, as far as sleeping around, and kicking villains arses; and she Hulk does who she wants. Yet, she doesn’t feel that “grounded”.

She Hulk is really growing on me , it’s full of things that make a comic great. Humour, violence and of course sex. Good stuff.

Agent Cheescake Panel from # 15


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