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Comic reviews February 2007 – MOON KNIGHT #7 (Marvel)

Posted by Adrian on February 13, 2007



Disappointing. After a Stella start, with writer Charlie Huston reconstructing the Moon Knight character again in 2006, the series has fallen very flat. When Huston brought Moon Knight back to life, you couldn’t get a more darker, introspective and moody series. It was one of the surprises of last year, refer to my top comics of 2006.

But, #7 shows the comic losing momentum. Firstly the cover art, which is some great art by David Finch. We see Spiderman and Moon Knight on the front cover. Spiderman has about one page and a bit of of a non appearance, with some silly pointless dialogue. Then he (Spiderman) disappears. In fact the dialogue throughout the comic, at best, is a ramble. It’s hard to follow, and seems to lack direction. Marc Spector (Moon Knight) is forming his old crew together, but the writing is not what I recall it to be prior to #7, it is quite poor. Which is a shame. Even the art is not up top scratch, in fact in looks rushed and poorly constructed. Very surprised at the lack of quality in the art. Finch is such a good artist. If you look back to the start of the series, it was amazing well drawn art with the Task Master and Moon Knight – very horror orientated. This isn’t, it’s sketchy, poorly colored and messy. A rush job. Finch is the sort of artist that should not rush his work. It’s the details that suffer.

Like I said the story has a rambled feel, almost nonsensical. It was like drunk dialogue, seriously! Drunk superheros. Amidst this messy dialogue, we learn there is a serial killer loose. Long behold Captain America makes his appearance, with his god awful dialogue (albeit short) referring to Moon Knight as a “soldier” (ala The Punisher, refer to Punisher War Journal #3 review). There is an attempt at a tie in within the Civil War ‘event’. I wouldn’t have. It has defused and slowed down the story. Spiderman shouldn’t have been in this, so the cover is deceptive.

Well, I am amazed at the quality of work declining in #7 of Moon Knight – both from a written perspective and artistic one. Finch is soon leaving Moon Knight, to be replaced by a new artist, by the name Michael “Mico” Suayan. We shall see if this can be salvaged, otherwise it’s doomed.


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