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February Comic Reviews 2007 – The Other Side 5# of 5 (Vertigo)

Posted by Adrian on February 21, 2007



This is the end. What a comic. As I have explained in previous reviews of The Other Side. The writer Jason Aaron has written a horror story, within the horror of the Vietnam war. PFC Everette and Vo Dai finally meet each other on the battlefield. We have followed them both with their psychological mental baggage, their hallucinations, dreams and their visual manifestations of the dead. Although a short comic (5 issues) and essentially a short story, it never the less holds the readers attention and the impact of the writing and art is still severe on the reader. The art is perfect for this kind of story, very complemented art by Cameron Stewart. Both Vo Dai and Everette are drawn with both unique characteristics, which is sometimes lacking in comic art by comic artists (you know, the villain can sometimes remarkable look like the hero).

I am not going to give too much away with the conclusion of The Other Side. The final battle occurs, both men meet. The confusion and fog of war leads to basic survival. Whether right of wrong. The viciousness of battle and a desperate enemy. An enemy that endured so much, an enemy whose desperation to survive and fight made them win against it’s invader.

As Sun Tzu says in the Art of War ‘never pursue a desperate enemy, they will fight to the death’. America lost the Vietnam war. The Other Side reiterates that conflicts for political gain, the larger side ultimately end up losing.

The Ghosts, the horror and the nightmares in The Other Side, seem to be the other side of consciousness. The darker side of the human psyche. A mental battle with the dead and their nihilistic existence and conflict with conscious life.

Great comic.


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