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February Comic Reviews 2007 – Midnighter #4 (Wildstorm Comics)

Posted by Adrian on February 26, 2007

MIDNIGHTER #4 (Wildstorm Comics)

After attacking the crew of the Time Cops and sending their ship off course and into the last stages of WW2, the Midnighter moves on to complete his mission and kill Hitler before Hitler kills himself. On the way there Midnighter runs into German kid soldiers as they are blowing up Russian tanks, the Kids turn out to be little Hitler fanatics. After Russian troops capture the kids and are about to execute them, Midnighter decides to help the kids (due to their innocence and naivety). Midnighter kills the Russian troops, and confronts the brainwashed little kids, who keep ‘Sieg Heil-ing’. Midnighter informs them that Hitler brought this upon Germany and the people, don’t believe in the madman, save your own skin and head West. The kids think this a test, answer back in a brain washed way and with a furore of Sieg Heil’s they go on their way.

Issue 4 has a change of artists (Peter Snejbjerg), Snejbjerg does a good job at showing the destruction of Berlin end of WW2. As the Midnighter makes his way into Hitlers Bunker, some great panels showing Hitlers SS officers getting drunk having sex with the Secretaries, Ennis portrays the idiocy of the German high command as it was crumbling rapidly – just before the fall of ww2. The Midnighter overhears Hitler give his final order and releases his officers from duty as he goes off to kill himself. We see a full page of Hitler a worn out and pathetic man. Midnighter follows, Hitler turns around and asks, ‘have we met somewhere before?’ (refer to review #3 here). As Hitler goes through to a darkening room to end his life.

Ennis is keeping in check with the time-line theory, that you can’t change events in the past to selfishly or in a deluded way to protect or restructure your future. As inevitably it will have consequences – which could be devastating. So, Midnighter doesn’t kill Hitler. We see the drunken officers and the last of Hitlers staff surrounding a makeshift grave with Hitlers body being cremated. A drunken solider offers Midnighter a drink he obliges, grabs the booze and heads back to where the Time Cops are fixing their ship.

The last part of the comic is Bonnie (Time Cop Sargent) and Midnighter drinking ‘Nazi’ booze and discussing the ramifications of altering time lines. Midnighter explains that his powers of anticipation of attack and the ability to counter attack were clouded just prior to him about to go in after Hitler and kill him – which means the future was going to be dramatically altered. Ennis writes up some good dialogue from Bonnie that people are too concerned about changing the past, rather than trying to move on and create the future. Everyone (who have the ability to time travel) are trying to rewrite mistakes of history, and it doesn’t work like that. What’s happened, has happened you can’t change it. Midnighter agrees so it’s brought back to the situation with Paulus (the guy who blackmailed Midnighter by placing a bomb in his chest) – which is the future. In which Midnighter is going to create for him self and kill Paulus.

Midnighter #4 is full of black humour amidst the seriousness of a social and philosophical discussion of changing the past, by going back into the past.


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