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Rerserve Bank of Australia interest rate decision early April 2007

Posted by Adrian on March 30, 2007

Possible interest rate hike.  From 4Cast

“Mar 07: 01:41GMT (SYD) – – Strong credit adds to April RBA nerves

Significant upside surprise in RBA private credit, +1.4% m/m against 1.1% consensus, softened only slightly by the 0.1% downward revision to the January outcome (1.2% from 1.3%). Upside surprise led by business borrowing, with housing credit relatively steady at +1.1%. The data can only add to the sense of nervousness about next week’s RBA decision, and these numbers have certainly increased the odds above the ‘45%’ median probability in the last Reuters survey. It really is at least a 50/50 call now though we still just favour a wait for the Q1 CPI print in late April. Lack of positive FX market reaction explained by the fact that market pricing (not economists odds) on a move next week were already well over 50% (this plus pressure from AUD/JPY sales). RA”


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“Nanotechnology Being Used In Next-generation LED Lights”

Posted by Adrian on March 26, 2007

Article here regarding Nano particles to enhance LED applications.

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March Comic Reviews 2007 – Thunderbolts #111 and #112 (Marvel)

Posted by Adrian on March 26, 2007


Thunderbolts #111 and #112 (Marvel)

I forgot how good a writer Warren Ellis is, I haven’t read one of his comics in a long time. I don’t know much about the Thunderbolts, as far as the comics introduction that explains that they are ex super criminals hired by the government to track down other criminals, unregistered superheros. The new team Ellis has put together is Norman Osbourne – ex Green Goblin, the teams director, Moonstone (Team Leader), Songbird, Penance, Swordsman, Venom, Bullseye and Radioactive Man.

Thunderbolts has been and still is a long running comic. I have just picked this up with Ellis talking over the reigns. So far, so good. I like the interaction with Songbird and Moonstone. Osbourne has demoted Songbird (as team leader) after it has been revealed that she has had a sexual affair with unsavory character (interesting how a females sexuality will get her more in trouble, than a males).

#111 shows good guy Jack Flag get a brutal beat down by the Thunderbolts. #112 is the Thunderbolts reporting to Osbourne and the threat of a new unregistered hero the The Steel Spiderman

Ellis packs in a lot of text into this comic, he is a prolific and talented writer. It is going to be interesting how Norman Osbourne (who is slightly unstable) is going to be able to hold together an unstable bunch of super criminals who are now Marshals for the US government.

Art is by Mike Deodato, who does a great job, full of realism.

Songbird getting demoted. 40975_2.jpg

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Very cool belt buckle from a small fashion company in the States.

Posted by Adrian on March 23, 2007

check it:


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March Comic Reviews 2007 – Punisher War Journal #4 and #5 (Marvel)

Posted by Adrian on March 21, 2007


Punisher War Journal #4 and #5 (Marvel)

The writer for Punisher War Journal Matt Fraction is a rising star in the literary world of comics. No doubt about that at all. He has reintroduced the Punisher back into the wider Marvel Universe with a fresh and unique style. #4 is the aftermath of the Punisher introduction to the Civil War. An introduction that cost the life’s of various underworld super criminals. Hence the Punisher falling out with Captain America. One of the Punisher victims is a underworld character called Stiltman. Issue #4 is the wake for Stiltman, which is held at a seedy bar, with Stiltmans body spread out courtesy of two billiard tables. An ensemble of mismatched and lesser known villains in the Marvel Universe turn up to pay their respects. A sorry bunch. Burnt out petty criminals, all quite pathetic. Fraction keeps the dialogue witty, as they all reminisce about their finest times. We are introduced to Princess Python, Stiltmans wife. As the wake attendances grow in numbers, they continue drinking and talking about the good ole days. Because they are a frustrated bunch of has been’s, a brawl occurs. A funny spread, drawn by guest artist Mike Dedato, showing them all fighting around the dead Stiltman. With the bar tender looking on. Spiderman arrives, shocked at all these lower super crim types gathering in one place, tells them to cool down. Take it easy, as things are about to change for everyone since the registration act is now enforced. We see Princess Python stumbling all over the place drunk and vomits. Spiderman leaves. At this point, one of the lesser super crims decides it’s time they emerge again as an evil force, do what they use to do again. Suddenly, patrons start dropping like flys. They realise they have been poisoned, as one of the super criminals clambers to the bar. He finds a note and a fake mustache (bar tender), the note has a drawing of the Punisher skull. The Bar tender was the Punisher, he posions their drinks, and sets the bar alight.

Mike Dedato did a competent job with #4, but #5 we get re-introduced to one of the finest comic artists at the moment – Ariel Olivetti. I can’t praise his art enough, his exaggerated character forms that have caricature type cartoonish feel, gorgeous rendering with colours and tons of emotion in all the characters expressions. Amazing. Issue #5 is a mindblowing well written, well drawn comic. One of my favorite characters, the religious homicidal, megalomaniac Bushwacker, and his biomechanical arm that transforms into a weapon. Is introduced into this issue, Fraction again is able to create stories within stories. We follow an auxiliary cop Ian, who decided after September 11, to become a policeman. Although majority of his tasks are mundane and superficial, which includes directing lost tourists. Then an event changes his life. Bushwacker holds a female bystander hostage, with G.W Bridge chasing him. Ian is caught in the middle, and raises his gun. So, Fraction pays homage on the the classic popular culture aspect in any cop drama, the stand off. Think, Reservoir Dogs, Dog Day Afternoon and so on. Olivetti handles the art like he is filming a movie scripted by Fraction. The menacing portrayal of Bushwacker, with each panel showing his biomechanical arm cannon, looking more and more threatening and grotesque. The female hostage that looks like a small child compared to the size of the Bushwacker, and Ian the small sized auxiliary cop trying to hold his ground. Lurking in the background is Bridge who is setting the whole thing up to flush out The Punisher. As the Bushwacker demands the Punisher appear, in which he does in all this chaos. Stand off ends when Bridge shoots Bushwacker in the neck. The Punisher becomes aware that the whole thing was set up by Bridge to bring the Punisher to the surface. He leaves amidst the confusion, with Bridge in tow. When suddenly the tele monitors of Thompson Square NYC show a shot and dying Captain America. Everyone looks up, including the Punisher.

Buy this comic.

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March Comic Reviews 2007 – Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic #13, #14

Posted by Adrian on March 19, 2007


Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic #13, #14 (Darkhorse)

This is a good read. It centers around four main characters in events that pre-date George Lucas’s horrible misadventure with the Star Wars prequels (movies). The characters are Camper an old inventor, Zayne Carrick a rogue Jedi, his petty criminal sidekick Gryph and Jarel (Camper’s) default body guard. John Jackson Miller injects humour and a good pace into the story. Which is at a time when the Republic is at war (3,963 yrs before the battle of Yavin) with the Mandalorians .

Jarel and Camper have have gone their separate ways from Zayne and Gryph, who have ended up on a planet that has become a staging point for the Republic forces push against the oncoming Mandalorians. Zayne and Gryph have set up a buffet for the republican troops. In which Gryph sees as making a quick buck feeding the hungry troops. Meanwhile Jarel and Camper discover that the ship the are on has been hijacked by an assassin droid who has been ordered to capture Camper. Jarel intervenes and attacks the droid, only to be overpowered. In steps Rohlan, a Mandalorian deserter. Who has been a consistent character in the arc, who destroys the assassin droid and saves Jarel and Camper

Zayne has a Jedi Vision of the future, seeing the planet that is the staging ground for the republic destroyed by the Mandalorian’s. He persuades Gryph they have to leave -otherwise they will be destroyed (including their buffet bar) along with the planet.

Dark Horse are doing a great job with the Star Wars stories and franchise, with Legacy dealing with the future of the Star Wars Universe and Knights of the Old Republic dealing with the past. It’s a well written, well drawn comic.

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Heated Nanoprobes Destroy Breast Cancer Cells In Mice

Posted by Adrian on March 16, 2007

I am against testing on animals for scientific research.

The article relates to nanotech, article here

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Captain America get’s wasted (killed)

Posted by Adrian on March 9, 2007

The way he carried on in the Civil War conflict, he was a man on the edge of a mental breakdown. He came across as a pitiful and deluded human being. So no wonder someone has ended his life. Article here.

Yeah I don’t like him.

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Comic Review policy changing March 2007

Posted by Adrian on March 9, 2007

I will be reviewing comics in pairs now, example #2 and #3.  Please check back soon.

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Royal Tichelaar Makkum – biscuit collection by studio job

Posted by Adrian on March 9, 2007


Amazing Bisque Porcelain from Royal Tichelaar (Netherlands).

Check here for purchase website

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