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March Comic Reviews 2007 – Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic #13, #14

Posted by Adrian on March 19, 2007


Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic #13, #14 (Darkhorse)

This is a good read. It centers around four main characters in events that pre-date George Lucas’s horrible misadventure with the Star Wars prequels (movies). The characters are Camper an old inventor, Zayne Carrick a rogue Jedi, his petty criminal sidekick Gryph and Jarel (Camper’s) default body guard. John Jackson Miller injects humour and a good pace into the story. Which is at a time when the Republic is at war (3,963 yrs before the battle of Yavin) with the Mandalorians .

Jarel and Camper have have gone their separate ways from Zayne and Gryph, who have ended up on a planet that has become a staging point for the Republic forces push against the oncoming Mandalorians. Zayne and Gryph have set up a buffet for the republican troops. In which Gryph sees as making a quick buck feeding the hungry troops. Meanwhile Jarel and Camper discover that the ship the are on has been hijacked by an assassin droid who has been ordered to capture Camper. Jarel intervenes and attacks the droid, only to be overpowered. In steps Rohlan, a Mandalorian deserter. Who has been a consistent character in the arc, who destroys the assassin droid and saves Jarel and Camper

Zayne has a Jedi Vision of the future, seeing the planet that is the staging ground for the republic destroyed by the Mandalorian’s. He persuades Gryph they have to leave -otherwise they will be destroyed (including their buffet bar) along with the planet.

Dark Horse are doing a great job with the Star Wars stories and franchise, with Legacy dealing with the future of the Star Wars Universe and Knights of the Old Republic dealing with the past. It’s a well written, well drawn comic.


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