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March Comic Reviews 2007 – Thunderbolts #111 and #112 (Marvel)

Posted by Adrian on March 26, 2007


Thunderbolts #111 and #112 (Marvel)

I forgot how good a writer Warren Ellis is, I haven’t read one of his comics in a long time. I don’t know much about the Thunderbolts, as far as the comics introduction that explains that they are ex super criminals hired by the government to track down other criminals, unregistered superheros. The new team Ellis has put together is Norman Osbourne – ex Green Goblin, the teams director, Moonstone (Team Leader), Songbird, Penance, Swordsman, Venom, Bullseye and Radioactive Man.

Thunderbolts has been and still is a long running comic. I have just picked this up with Ellis talking over the reigns. So far, so good. I like the interaction with Songbird and Moonstone. Osbourne has demoted Songbird (as team leader) after it has been revealed that she has had a sexual affair with unsavory character (interesting how a females sexuality will get her more in trouble, than a males).

#111 shows good guy Jack Flag get a brutal beat down by the Thunderbolts. #112 is the Thunderbolts reporting to Osbourne and the threat of a new unregistered hero the The Steel Spiderman

Ellis packs in a lot of text into this comic, he is a prolific and talented writer. It is going to be interesting how Norman Osbourne (who is slightly unstable) is going to be able to hold together an unstable bunch of super criminals who are now Marshals for the US government.

Art is by Mike Deodato, who does a great job, full of realism.

Songbird getting demoted. 40975_2.jpg


One Response to “March Comic Reviews 2007 – Thunderbolts #111 and #112 (Marvel)”

  1. Manhattan said

    I’ve never read Thunderbolts because it seemed hard to get into, but you’re making me think about picking up some issues.

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