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The 2007 US housing recession

Posted by Adrian on April 27, 2007

This is an overseas market we should watch very closely (if you live outside of America).

America, Australia and the rest of the world have been amidst a housing boom unprecedented in the history of housing markets. Due to relevantly low interest rates, excess liquidity and easily assessable credit – all this has equaled to an overinflated driven property boom. American is now in a dramatic recession with the housing market, lead by huge defaults on the subprime loans (which were loans given to financially risky customers).

The oil price is on the increase, due to current instability in world Oil regions, namely Iran and Nigeria. The USD is on the decline against major currencies. Whether the US job market can sustain to the end of 2007 remains to be seen. It is all pointing to a wide spread economic recession in America that may start late 2007.

Please refer to these links

Professor Nouriel Roubini’s personal blog.

Roubini has been a vocal critic of the free and easy, literally unregulated mortgage market in America. Highly intelligent and informed individual, one of the few voices of dissent in a market that is overly conservative and has a blinded view on exaggerated asset bubbles.

Doug Nolan

A Market Stategist. David Tice & Associates.

listen here (real player)


Great discussion on over inflated credit bubbles, from personal, mortgage, company; and now massive private equity credit bubbles. The problems and the possible impact on relying on credit expansion in a falling economy.


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Lindsay Lohan Video clip

Posted by Adrian on April 24, 2007


To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about Lindsay Lohan, except she is an apparent party girl for the party generation; similar to Paris Hilton. Who represent the con job sold as a sexual revolution, which is instead a sexual commercialization. Namely orchestrated by publicists and marketers. How much truth is in their reckless behavior of sex and drugs is speculative, as the party generation is more conservative than we would like to admit. But never the less according to the accompanying interview with this video, Lohan has just come out of rehab. Maybe most of these poor girls will not make it past the age of 30. Suffice to say, Lohan is a sexy, naturally attractive girl.

Especially like the bandaged wrist.

Great song too, don’t know the band. Video here

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The death of Captain America and apathetic Generation X.

Posted by Adrian on April 20, 2007

(photo taken from Fallen heroes article photo Peter Rad)

Ok, maybe I was too hard on Captain America when I wrote this in an earlier post. To be honest I never really followed him as a super hero, why? Maybe that super clean heroic thing is a little off putting. After seeing the way he carried on in the Civil War run, his character would make you cringe. Maybe it had to do with the way Mark Miller (Civil War) and Matt Fraction (Punisher War Journal) wrote his character. Maybe conscious (or maybe unconsciously), both writers wrote a profile (within their comics) of Captain America as a man on the edge. Deluded, with poor decisions abound. Captain America just didn’t come across as the true patriot and overly empathetic character, he came across as a frustrated, naive and ultimately foolish character. That is how I read it. Well he is dead, killed by an assassins bullet.


How does Generation X tie into this, well according to an article titled Fallen Heroes on (good site, check it out). There are cross references to Gen X and heroes, as Generation X’ers we grew up with heroes all around us in popular media, such as Rambo, Dirty Harry, Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies etc. The article goes on to say that Generation X never really had to be heroic (we had our celluloid Hollywood guys do it for us), and if anything we appeared a disillusioned and detached generation. First, who are Generation X (demographically)?

From Wikipedia:

“typically, people born between 1963 and 1978 are generally considered “Generation X,” while others use the term to describe anyone who was in their 20s some time during the 1990s. [1] According to Neil Howe and William Strauss, Generation X includes anyone born from 1961 to 1981 in the United States. The term is used in demography, the social sciences, and marketing, though it is most often used in popular culture. The generation’s influence over pop culture began in the 1980s and may have peaked in the 1990s. One of the defining factors of Generation X is the transitions resulting from the decline of colonial imperialism to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War”

I am a Generation X’er. In a lot of ways we are a disappointing generation. A lot of social/political bluster in the early stages of our 20 something lives. Confused and inconsistent, hypocritical and indecisive (no, I am not talking about myself thank you very much!). If I had a $ for every post feminist, ex lefty, eco friendly green, grunge kid that turned out completely opposite to all that fury and rebellion (that lasted about 10mins) in the late 80’s and early 90’s (mind you, this was no hippie revolution thing either, we essentially had nothing to rebel against) I would have $50. Yes, trends die, people change, but it’s the wandering aimlessnesses and stand for nothing attitude that Generation X has mastered as a fine art. Am I a bit hard? Maybe, but it’s true. There has been a lot of criticism aimed at Generation Y (the generation under us X’ers) in the media. For being the consumption generation, internet addiction, myspace ‘friend’ obsessed, mobile phones and credit cards. I don’t think Gen Y is that bad, they know nothing else – they were born into the start of the worldwide economic boom; at least they have that consumption driven aim. What did we have? Kurt Cobain, marijuana and manic depressives.

The Captain America pop culture references according to the Fallen Heroes article written by Jeff Gordinier, is a character that solidified his presence during the cold war, a hero that some readers identified with as far as the polarization of America during conflicts like Vietnam. I guess you could say Captain America represented a future idea of independent determinism, under the shadow and guidance of the American constitution. Gordinier relates that our Gen, Generation X had heroes, but heroes that occurred with out any major conflict at the time. We grew up in a relatively peaceful time, in fact there was no major war or crisis. We had a luxury to not respond too much except to past occurrence’s in history (note the early 90’s hippie look, ala grunge). So where does it leave Generation X now? Well, according to Gordinier nowhere. I tend to agree. With one of the largest crisis and events looming in the history of mankind namely a new nuclear arms race, a spiraling out of control war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a devastating climate issue (Global Warming). Has Generation X polarized it’s self to lead the coming revolution of world and society change? Sadly no. Instead we lived in the suburbs, got into debt and became whiny depressed nobodies.

I mean, if I hear another X’er say they feel old in the mid 30’s…too much. My dad laughs at that, as he is well into his 70’s.

Comics in some ways represent popular culture and society trends. So the death of a quintessential hero like Captain America could only show two things. That society is lacking heroes or identification with rebellious characters, or we simply don’t care anymore. We have given up. As Gordinier from the Fallen Heroes article puts it: “The military draft policy of the sixties and seventies forced the previous generation to make a stark decision: Will I go to Vietnam and fight, or will I refuse in active protest? An Xer, whether he’s for the war in Iraq or vehemently against it, doesn’t have to take action either way. He can float around for as long as he wants in a lukewarm bath of anxiety, escapism, and prudent financial planning. Risking your life to save the world is cool and all, just as long as someone else is doing it.”

Fallen Heroes article written found here from

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Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power plants. Suggestion to sell floating nuclear power plants to Pacific Nations

Posted by Adrian on April 18, 2007

As mentioned in Morbius Glass forecasts (please note, I said in the 2007 forecasts that smaller countries will be Nuclear armed, this is because most countries that hold Nuclear Power, eventually Nuclear arm themselves). The new nuclear nations, may included pacific nations, smaller Asian nations.

It will be a sad day if Nuclear Power completely overshadows renewable energy sources. It will be interesting to see what direction the general populous takes on Nuclear Power.

Article here

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Comic reviews April 2007 JSA CLASSIFIED #23 #24 Dr Mid-Nite “Vampire Murders”.

Posted by Adrian on April 18, 2007


JSA CLASSIFIED #23 and #24 – “Vampire Murders”(DC comics)

Good to see Dr Mid-Nite returning now and again in the JSA Classified run. He is a great character, as mentioned in an earlier review, Dr Mid-Nite is the first vision challenged superhero, pre dating Marvels Daredevil. Blind within daylight, but can see at night. Another aspect that makes the Dr Mid-Nite character interesting is he is a surgeon, a man of science and a detective. Rational and a skeptic of the myths and superstitions of humanity. Even in DC’s metahuman/superhuman universe, in which attribute super powers can be explained and are excepted.

So, the “Vampire Murders”. After being called in too defuse a domestic, Dr Mid-Nite is informed by the police that bodies have been appearing around town with puncture holes in the neck. The police believe this is the work of a Vampire.

From a rational perspective Dr Mid-Nite delves into the history of blood fetishes, and the Vampire mythos. He believes that this person has a disorder, rather than an actual Vampire.

Dr Mid-Nite attempts to track down the culprit, being a man of science he is of skeptical of the superstitious. He finds himself at a ‘goth vampire’ blood club, where he feels that the Vampire killer will strike next.

His hunch is correct and Dr Mid-Nite sees the culprit trying to abduct a woman as his next victim. In pursuit, Dr Mid Nite catches up with the character known as Mircea. He is too late, the woman has been attacked. Dr Mid-Nite and Mircea fight, astounded by Mircea’s strength Dr Mid Nite is overcome and then bitten by Mircea.

Issue #24 finds Dr Mid-Nite coming out of a delusional dream like state, he awakens at the JSA headquarters, in his surgery. Determined to find out the reason behind Micrea’s freakish Vampire like appearance, he then begins the investigation. After discussing the ramifications (with Mr Terrific) of dealing with a disorder, rather than an actual Vampire. Dr Mid-Nite needs to overcome some doubt he has, Mr Terrific says, “put your faith in Science”. So he does. Great panel sequence by artist Alex Sanchez showing Dr Mid-Nite going over his thoughts regarding the myth of vampire-ism and his own battling thoughts and doubts regarding Micrea, his strength and ability. After analyzing Micrea’s blood sample, presumable taken during the fight with Micrea, Dr Mid-Nite releases that their is a high level of the steroid drug that caused Dr Mid-Nite day blindness. Seeing this as now conclusive that Micrea is not a Vampire as such, but a drug induced superhuman. Dr Mid-Nite leaves to capture Micrea.

After following a potential victim of Micrea, Dr Mid-Nite confronts Micrea. Dr Mid-Nite has an arsenal of defensive weapons, throwing knife like crescent moons, his pet Owl and his repertoire of martial art abilities. He is able to take down Micrea by injecting Rocuronium into his neck, hence paralyzing and leaving him unconscious.

The conclusion shows Micrea locked up in a high security institution. Dr Mid-Nite goes to visit. We learn that there are more questions than answers, as Dr Mid-Nite still feels that there is more of a mystery surrounding Micera, in which Dr Mid-Nite attends to find out the answers.

The ‘Vampire Murders’ is a fun read, writer J.T. Krul handles the story well, the art is ok, unique style a little sketchy for my liking – but the action sequence’s are done competently

All and all, this is worth picking up. I hope we see more of Dr Mid-Nite in the future.

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The Holy Terror “Morbius” (Cat) and blog owner/writer of Morbius Glass.

Posted by Adrian on April 16, 2007


Notice the muscle definition of this cat, sleek and strong. Moments prior to him investigating kitchen widow – for possible intruder. Morbius is 90% ‘something’ percent Bengal, but 100% Bengal in personality. He plays in water, growls, retrieves and attacks anything that moves. He is actually a really friendly cat, a real gem. I might pick up a pedigree, but with so many strays out there needing homes. See what happens. At this point ‘Morbi’ is more than a hand full (as you can see).

Info on the Bengal

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“Sin Stocks”

Posted by Adrian on April 16, 2007

A study recently into why the so called sin stocks are undervalued. The “sin stocks” are human vice orientated stocks belonging to companies that are tobacco and gambling based.

How far one would read into this research is still somewhat speculative. As emotive behavior is what causes a person to buys stocks, which is a mixed with financial gain. Gambling and tobacco are now taboo, as we can see the destruction it can cause a human being, or even society. How potentially secure and profitable these stocks can be is dipping into the realms of speculation.

Article found here

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comic reviews update April 2007

Posted by Adrian on April 16, 2007

Dr Mid Nite “Vampire Murders” review, very soon.

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Small US clothing company T-shirt design

Posted by Adrian on April 16, 2007

Very cool:


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Aphex Twin “Window Licker” Clip

Posted by Adrian on April 5, 2007

This clip is about 7 yrs old now, in the weirdness of the Aphex Twin style there is a message. Not 100% sure what it is, maybe a forecast of the future. Or just self promotion through art, whatever a great clip and song.

Check it out, please note full version.

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