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Comic reviews April 2007 JSA CLASSIFIED #23 #24 Dr Mid-Nite “Vampire Murders”.

Posted by Adrian on April 18, 2007


JSA CLASSIFIED #23 and #24 – “Vampire Murders”(DC comics)

Good to see Dr Mid-Nite returning now and again in the JSA Classified run. He is a great character, as mentioned in an earlier review, Dr Mid-Nite is the first vision challenged superhero, pre dating Marvels Daredevil. Blind within daylight, but can see at night. Another aspect that makes the Dr Mid-Nite character interesting is he is a surgeon, a man of science and a detective. Rational and a skeptic of the myths and superstitions of humanity. Even in DC’s metahuman/superhuman universe, in which attribute super powers can be explained and are excepted.

So, the “Vampire Murders”. After being called in too defuse a domestic, Dr Mid-Nite is informed by the police that bodies have been appearing around town with puncture holes in the neck. The police believe this is the work of a Vampire.

From a rational perspective Dr Mid-Nite delves into the history of blood fetishes, and the Vampire mythos. He believes that this person has a disorder, rather than an actual Vampire.

Dr Mid-Nite attempts to track down the culprit, being a man of science he is of skeptical of the superstitious. He finds himself at a ‘goth vampire’ blood club, where he feels that the Vampire killer will strike next.

His hunch is correct and Dr Mid-Nite sees the culprit trying to abduct a woman as his next victim. In pursuit, Dr Mid Nite catches up with the character known as Mircea. He is too late, the woman has been attacked. Dr Mid-Nite and Mircea fight, astounded by Mircea’s strength Dr Mid Nite is overcome and then bitten by Mircea.

Issue #24 finds Dr Mid-Nite coming out of a delusional dream like state, he awakens at the JSA headquarters, in his surgery. Determined to find out the reason behind Micrea’s freakish Vampire like appearance, he then begins the investigation. After discussing the ramifications (with Mr Terrific) of dealing with a disorder, rather than an actual Vampire. Dr Mid-Nite needs to overcome some doubt he has, Mr Terrific says, “put your faith in Science”. So he does. Great panel sequence by artist Alex Sanchez showing Dr Mid-Nite going over his thoughts regarding the myth of vampire-ism and his own battling thoughts and doubts regarding Micrea, his strength and ability. After analyzing Micrea’s blood sample, presumable taken during the fight with Micrea, Dr Mid-Nite releases that their is a high level of the steroid drug that caused Dr Mid-Nite day blindness. Seeing this as now conclusive that Micrea is not a Vampire as such, but a drug induced superhuman. Dr Mid-Nite leaves to capture Micrea.

After following a potential victim of Micrea, Dr Mid-Nite confronts Micrea. Dr Mid-Nite has an arsenal of defensive weapons, throwing knife like crescent moons, his pet Owl and his repertoire of martial art abilities. He is able to take down Micrea by injecting Rocuronium into his neck, hence paralyzing and leaving him unconscious.

The conclusion shows Micrea locked up in a high security institution. Dr Mid-Nite goes to visit. We learn that there are more questions than answers, as Dr Mid-Nite still feels that there is more of a mystery surrounding Micera, in which Dr Mid-Nite attends to find out the answers.

The ‘Vampire Murders’ is a fun read, writer J.T. Krul handles the story well, the art is ok, unique style a little sketchy for my liking – but the action sequence’s are done competently

All and all, this is worth picking up. I hope we see more of Dr Mid-Nite in the future.


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