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Lindsay Lohan Video clip

Posted by Adrian on April 24, 2007


To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about Lindsay Lohan, except she is an apparent party girl for the party generation; similar to Paris Hilton. Who represent the con job sold as a sexual revolution, which is instead a sexual commercialization. Namely orchestrated by publicists and marketers. How much truth is in their reckless behavior of sex and drugs is speculative, as the party generation is more conservative than we would like to admit. But never the less according to the accompanying interview with this video, Lohan has just come out of rehab. Maybe most of these poor girls will not make it past the age of 30. Suffice to say, Lohan is a sexy, naturally attractive girl.

Especially like the bandaged wrist.

Great song too, don’t know the band. Video here


2 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Video clip”

  1. […] Lohan is hitting the cocaine for real and driving like a madwoman. Is the dead before 30 scenario becoming a realty? Maybe.  Still, I kinda like […]

  2. Angel said

    The bandage wrist because she cut herself. That’s not sexy.

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