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The 2007 US housing recession

Posted by Adrian on April 27, 2007

This is an overseas market we should watch very closely (if you live outside of America).

America, Australia and the rest of the world have been amidst a housing boom unprecedented in the history of housing markets. Due to relevantly low interest rates, excess liquidity and easily assessable credit – all this has equaled to an overinflated driven property boom. American is now in a dramatic recession with the housing market, lead by huge defaults on the subprime loans (which were loans given to financially risky customers).

The oil price is on the increase, due to current instability in world Oil regions, namely Iran and Nigeria. The USD is on the decline against major currencies. Whether the US job market can sustain to the end of 2007 remains to be seen. It is all pointing to a wide spread economic recession in America that may start late 2007.

Please refer to these links

Professor Nouriel Roubini’s personal blog.

Roubini has been a vocal critic of the free and easy, literally unregulated mortgage market in America. Highly intelligent and informed individual, one of the few voices of dissent in a market that is overly conservative and has a blinded view on exaggerated asset bubbles.

Doug Nolan

A Market Stategist. David Tice & Associates.

listen here (real player)


Great discussion on over inflated credit bubbles, from personal, mortgage, company; and now massive private equity credit bubbles. The problems and the possible impact on relying on credit expansion in a falling economy.


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