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Comic reviews May 2007 She Hulk #16 & #17 “Planet Without a Hulk” (Marvel Comics)

Posted by Adrian on May 4, 2007


She Hulk #16 & #17 “Planet Without a Hulk”

She Hulk is a really enjoyable comic, light humored, contemporary and realistic in some ways (as far as female characters in Popular Culture). Dan Slott (writer) gives Jennifer Walters (She Hulk) a character that aside from being identifiable, as influenced by Alley McBeal , Sex and the City persona. She Hulk is a woman that likes to get laid, enjoy her freedom and super powers – yet has ‘issues’ that are explored in the comic. She Hulk is not your ‘bimbo’ comic character, nor the damsel in distress, she is strong (obviously) intependant and a free thinking individual. There are complexities in her life, from the law firm she works at to personal relationships she has with various men. Dan Slott’s She Hulk has been a good read.

Issue #16 finds She Hulk (now conscripted with S.H.E.I.L.D) the main muscle in the Hulk buster unit of S.H.E.I.L.D. Taking down Hulk’s old foes, imprisoning them on the S.H.E.I.L.D heli carry. Wolverine is tracking down the Wendigo, with She Hulk posing as a unaware camper in the Canadian snowy woodlands. Unknown to Wolverine. Of course Wendigo jumps She Hulk, Wolverine jumps in, and they both attempt to take down the Wendigo. Great fight sequences, with both trying to cause some damage to the Wendigo (who like Wolverine and She Hulk has healing abilities). Meanwhile the S.H.E.I.L.D offices are securing the area, locking out the Indians who asked Wolverine to track down the Wendigo.

To end the fight with the Wendigo, the She Hulk flings Wolverine into the Wendigo (after commenting on his firm ‘butt’). Wolverine ends up going through the Wendigo, with the Wendigo’s heart hanging off Wolverine’s adamantium claw. Apparently Wendigo will reheal himself from this huge wound, albeit slowly.

It’s a quirky read, again we see She Hulk (after the battle) proposition Wolverine, but he declines as ‘he doesn’t want to be another superheros ‘sloppy seconds’ (haven’t heard that saying since High school)’

Issue #17, has our sexy green girl kicking arse trying to capture as many Hulk foes as possible. She Hulk and her crew track down Zzzax, whose powers (body) appear to be an electrical energy mass. They are able to capture him and shove him in a Ghostbusters box type thing and return to the heli carrier.

Tony Stark (now the head of S.H.E.I.L.D) makes an appearance, sideswiping Quatermain (She Hulk’s superior) for a debriefing from She Hulk. Yes they end up in the sack, after fucking, She Hulk asks Stark why she would be considered a ‘slut’ and he a ‘player’ (for sleeping around), of course this is an age old dilemma for women – before Stark ala Iron Man can reply, all hell breaks lose. Zzzax has somehow ended up in the electrical systems of the ship, causing havoc as the internal security systems go bonkers. Funny sequences with a hundred plus Nick Fury robot replicas attacking She Hulk. Finally everything brought under control, She Hulk holding a decapitated Nick Fury robot head in her hands, hears the head say something about ‘Hulk being sent into space’. Hence She Hulk is slowly being revealed the reason the Hulk doesn’t exist on Earth (at this point). Of course, The Hulk being her cousin, this will have ramifications.

Funny, violent, sexy and a quirky comic. Definitely worth checking out


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