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The Doomsday Clock, set now at 5 mins to Midnight.

Posted by Adrian on May 9, 2007

The Bulletin board of scientists founded in 1945 that worked in conjunction with the Board of Sponsors which was founded by Elbert Einstein in 1948 – together they set the hands on the Doomsday clock. Based on the real threat of Nuclear annihilation, that started in the early stages on the Nuclear arms race – from 1945 onward. The cold war exasperated the potential threat of a Nuclear war, that would inevitably lead to the destruction of the human race. The Doomsday clock was set accordingly to those past events.

We live, to say the least, in interesting times. Amongst the worldwide economic growth and prosperity (namely the west, China and India). We are also facing new and emerging threats to human survival. I agree with what the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says in relation to a new nuclear arms race (or a second Nuclear age). It is astounding that the engines of nuclear power, armaments and interest have been activated again. Unfortunately Conservative thought on Nuclear power has been reinstated, due to the environmental crisis of climate change. So, you have non nuclear countries (like Australia and some Asian and Pacific countries) showing interest in developing nuclear power stations. America and European countries (including Russia) have expanded and are working on developing new nuclear programs – that included new nuclear weapons, and weapon delivery systems.

With the Doomsday Clock now set to 5mins to Midnight, the Bulletin board members also concluded that new threats are also emerging along with the new nuclear threat. They fear the biotechnology and nanotechnology sciences. Although they see the positive aspects of both new sciences (Nano and Biotech), the new sciences may bring possible detrimental and potentially destructive effects to humanity.

The Doomsday Clock time line, go here


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