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Cavern Clothing – Los Angeles

Posted by Adrian on May 25, 2007


Some great boutique clothing companies coming out of the States at the moment. Small, individualistic and interesting. Great designs and apparently this one company Cavern Clothing hand draw all their designs.

Maybe there is a return to a smaller less mass produced fashion industry, with smaller companies (as they always tend to do) develop and create unique perspectives to design.

I guess you won’t be taking these back to Target, because the ‘made in China’ crapola stitching is all wrong – much like a daughter of a Beatle member and her attempt at fast food fashion.

Anyway check out their website, Cavern Clothing


4 Responses to “Cavern Clothing – Los Angeles”

  1. jeremy said

    i have this shirt, the one in brown with the hawk on it, it is awesome. i love the design. the idea that they hand draw the designs instead of just clipping a few images together on the computor really means a lot to me. it shows that some real time and effort went into it. the fit and quality of the shirt itself also makes it one of my favorite to wear. i will be buying many more.

  2. glenn hammett said

    I have tons of Cavern and love it all – esp the sweaters and hoodies. VERY soft, well-made etc…

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  4. This idea is really innovative. I hope it can be actualized.

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