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Lindsay Lohan in Tarintino’s ‘Death Proof 2’?

Posted by Adrian on May 30, 2007


I think it would be awesome if Quentin Tarintino could cast Lindsay Lohan in Death Proof 2. A crazed, drugged out Hollywood starlet, on a death run with her souped up (‘Death Proof’) Mercedes. A movie full of cocaine use, sex, mayhem and destruction. A fast paced death ride with a girl on a date with oblivion.

Lindsay is in the media again as the the hopeless drug/alcohol addicted girl. I wonder if this is a publicity stunt? Although if this is the case, drunken reckless publicity stunts do go wrong, horribly wrong.  Example, Paris Hilton (Jail time) and now it appears this will go wrong for Lindsay.

Still Lohan is hitting the cocaine for real and driving like a madwoman. Is the dead before 30 scenario becoming a reality? Maybe. Still, I kinda like her.


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