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The good old gore slasher fest coming back in style. New movie trailers, Hostel 2 and The Hills have Eyes 2

Posted by Adrian on June 8, 2007

Hostel 2 preview

After Hostel (admittedly I haven’t seen the first one, waiting to be watched though) , Eli Roth continues on with the torture theme in which powerful rich guys look for new ways to get their kicks, and it appears this can be achieved by dismembering, slicing and cutting human beings into pieces. Hostel was apparently based on real events, according to an article I saw on the web. Roth got the idea of a wealthy ‘thrill kill cult’ in Thailand, where people were kidnapped off the street, then wealthy deranged business guys pay heaps just to kill them. Actually that myth is pretty old, I remember at school there was talk of sketchy video footage of some poor guy getting his dick lopped off by a thrill kill group in Asia. Of course no one ever saw that video, it was mostly likely myth based, never the less the idea of a secret cult of bloodthirsty rich businessmen has always been a solid story to tell . But the human prey idea in movies is not a new one. Especially involving wealthy and depraved individuals who are looking for new thrills – and have the money to carry out those ‘thrills’. A few movies have already tried this theme, the hunter becomes the hunted theme in John Woos Hard Target, with an entrepreneurial guy ( Lance Henriksen ) sets up a human hunting group, for rich game hunters. Emanuelle in America, from Joe D’Amato, which is said to have some extra footage towards the end of torture and mutilation of a woman (snuff film) – which is also based on the rich and powerful ‘looking for the next’ thrill kill concept.

Apparently the difference between Hostel 1 and Hostel 2. Hostel 1 was about 3 young male students in Europe trying to find thrills – and are lured into a Hostel where they are processed (chopped up) by the rich guy kill cult. Hostel 2 is women this time (getting chopped up). Undoubtedly Roth is taking a risky path with this one, with women being the sole victims of torture. But worth checking out if you are a fan of the genre of the wealthy thrill kill cult concept.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 preview

The sequel of Alexandre Aja’s 2006 remake of The Hills Have eyes, is now directed by Martin Weisz and written by Wez Craven and son Johnathan Craven. The original is a 1977 movie, by the same name directed by Wez Craven. Everyone remember Wez Craven? Nightmare of Elm Street fame? Ok, how could anyone go wrong with a combination of these themes: the Hillbilly desert mutant crazed folk who have been exposed to Nuclear fallout (they lived near Nuclear tests ranges) and the ‘innocents’ off the beaten path theme, slowly hunted down one by one. A heap of movies have done this from Deliverance (as far as the hillbilly, redneck, backwood, demented killer theme) to Southern Comfort (again Hillbilly theme with National Guard guys getting hunted); the slowly getting picked off one by one theme isn’t new, but a solid and suspense based idea, if handled well. Ridley Scott’s Alien did this exceptionally well.

Looking forward to seeing this, could be a fun ride, blending all the cool themes of nuclear fall out, mutated rednecks and the soldiers (victims) with the unseen enemy dilemma.


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