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Asian stock Markets down danger ahead – 2007

Posted by Adrian on June 27, 2007

Due to the extreme slow down in the US housing markets, which in turn has dragged on the Japanese stocks on export concerns. which means that the demand for export goods (from Japan) has dropped off. Pointing to the US economy going into a full recession. In my opinion this is very serious for stocks and other aspects of the financial markets. Why? because we also have a out of control economy in China, stocks, consumption all overinflated (any correction/crash effects world markets), oil will continue to rise and the ‘credit crunch’ will be a hard one. Due to the fact that consumers are still reliant on credit, even as borrowing rates have increased.

Watch the markets carefully.


Bank for International Settlements concern that a depression is looming

Rates rises pushes housing to ‘Bloodbath’

Japaneses stocks drop on concerns of housing meltdown/consumer spending in the US


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