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Terminator movie – release date 1984 (future warfare clip)

Posted by Adrian on August 6, 2007

I love this clip. The effects, the awesome synth soundtrack, just has that 80’s feel. Terminator was such a good movie. Portraying the threat that technology could pose, if able to be become self aware. Sci Fiction fantasy, but well put together and well written movie.

Not only does it show a brief glimpse of a nuclear based apocalyptic future (no I am not a doomsday soothsayer, despite the ongoing ‘crisis’ analysis in the Finance and Economy Strategy and Society category on Morbius Glass), but it shows men and women fighting together against a common foe – the machines (Terminators). A common foe that unifies humanity. I like that. Quite a powerful scene, showing both Kyle Reese (movie hero) and a female solider moving through the rubble to destroy a hunter killer. A scene that portrays the larger powerful foe fighting smaller groups of guerrilla soldiers and the universal tactics the smaller side would employ.

The rubble scenes, with Reese and the female solider moving in and out of the destroyed city, you can see how good the tracking shots are by the director. The interchanging of positions, then to the finale position. Keeps the viewer focused on the two soldiers as they plan their attack.

Good stuff.


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