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Power of Nightmares docomentary – Directior Adam Curtis (2004)

Posted by Adrian on September 24, 2007

One of the most poignant, and in my opinion, accurate assessments on the so called ‘war on terror’, Islamic extremism and neo conservatism.

Very well thought out journalism, that investigates and analyzes the connection with current political environments. How the fear and paranoia of individualism, stemming from the early aspects of the 1950’s both politically and culturally – was the cause for the rise of Islamic extremism and Western neo conservatism.

The ‘nightmares’ of a phantom enemy and ‘decadent’ society are an allusion used to stop the rise of individual thought and desire in both the West and the East. The basis of this allusion is religion and traditionalist values, which bind the myth of iconic moral representatives to a societies conformed sense of belonging.

But as the director Adam Curtis explain towards the end of the documentary, once we realise that there was no specific terrorist enemy and the nightmare visions of our leaders are nothing more than allusions; fears used to wear down a free thinking society. Society will eventually turn away from the power of nightmares and a mythical enemy, which didn’t exist in the first place.

Pleases note the Power of Nightmares documentary is viewed in three parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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