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The Thing (1982) Director John Carpenter

Posted by Adrian on October 12, 2007

One of my favourite horror/suspense movies of all time. Directed by John Carpenter who used the suspense factor of paranoia within a small group of arctic researches and an intergalactic alien organism that duplicates it’s host.

It is gory, disturbing and a riveting movie. The gore effects of combing what an alien organism would do to a human body is filmed with such skill it’s almost believable. I imagine when they (the effects team) were putting the alien/human hybrid gore together, were probably trying to top each gore scene. At the time when The Thing was released (1982) there were no CGI effects, or any other computer enhanced animation. Just prosthetics, movie effects goo and fake blood. Simply incredible effects for that time, and stand today as some of the best gore/horror scenes ever filmed

But apart from the gore, the horror and suspense is disturbing enough. Which is all wielded together extremely well by Carpenter.

An amazing movie.


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