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Nanotech: Emerging technology with apparent $2.6 Trillion global market

Posted by Adrian on October 16, 2007

Within the emerging markets nanotechnology appears to be one of the most exciting technologies being developed. As the global markets and the world are in for a major shake up and possible restructure within the finance sector, manufacturing, oil exploration and other dependent technologies/markets. Nanotech may emerge as the technology that could bridge the old processes of manufacturing such as industrial coatings and paint, and make them become more durable and efficient. As natural resources become more and more scarce, from oil through to metals, nanotechnology may be able to extend the lifespan and dependency on older industry technology. Although not only could nanotech be a stop- gap measure to fading older technologies, it also appears there is an unlimited amount of future applications that nanotechnology could deliver, these range from: biomedical, solar, hydrogen fuel cells, security and product traceable technology. In fact the forecast for such a broad range of potentially creative disruptive products sits in the $2.6 Trillion range for global markets, according to an article on (Nanotech: The Next American Revolution):
“…the U.S. stands at the top of the “small world” of nanotech, and has the potential to maintain a large stake in an emerging technology that analyst firm Lux Research places at topping $2.6 trillion in new products and services by 2015.”

Also according to the article on Nanotech, Russia has pledged $7 billion towards developing nanotechnology,

Russia’s parliament recently pledged $7 billion for a state-owned nanotechnology corporation, a move that has the backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Nanotechnology is now becoming a global industry with competitive countries looking to capture a possible booming market.


Lux Research: New technology, emerging market analysts


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