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Taxi Driver (1976) – director Martin Scorsese’s and screenwriter Paul Schrader’s classic

Posted by Adrian on November 8, 2007

I saw a doco the other day, regarding Martin Scorsese and his films, namely his scores for various movies that he directed. Scorsese mentioned Taxi Driver, especially the score by Bernard Herrmann, which complements the movie so well – a dark and haunting jazz inspired sound track.

Everyone knows the story of Taxi Driver. A modern cultural reflection on isolation and disturbed male behavior through an individual named Travis Bickle who is mentally unstable. As Scorsese put it, and I guess indirectly, from the documentary that I recently saw, is that Travis the Taxi Driver (Robert De Niro’s character) is what lies in the minds and hearts of men; albeit disturbed men. Fantastic movie, cult classic and without further ado, the memorable, ‘you talking to me scene’. I love this :


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