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The morbius glass schlock, horror, 80’s, grindhouse, sex and violence movie marathon. Dawn of The Dead (1977) George A Romero

Posted by Adrian on December 7, 2007

A collection of classic b-grade, even c-grade (and lower) of movies that I grew up with. Various video nastiness from the 80’s, the grind house movies from the 70’s and some sexploitation and violencia style movies of the martial arts kind. Might throw in some late 80’s stuff too. All courtesy of youtube, so don’t expect a full 2hr run here, just trailers and excerpts

First up, Dawn of The Dead, the original George A Romero classic, 2nd in his zombie series and a damn fine piece of independent film making way back in 1977, so you got horror, suspense and even some social/political commentary (dare I say a look into consumption America). With the main scenes revolving around an abandoned shopping mall, with the blunt observation (from the non zombie characters in the film) of the mindless zombies, “What are they (the zombies) doing? Why do they come here (the mall)?” answer: “Some kind of instinct, memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.”

Not to forget Tom Savini’s makeup and gore effects, even for that time (’77, ’78), he still managed to pull off some classic ‘zombie chomping down human meat’ scenes. All and all a definitive milstone in the zombie, horror gene.


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