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Spain’s contracting property market.

Posted by Adrian on December 13, 2007

I have discussed the problematic Spanish property market on morbius glass (briefly) in Real estate Price Forecast (US) First Ever Decline, Spanish Property Market in dramatic decline article, although the link to the Barcelona Reporter may not be working. The sharp decline in property sales in the months of April/May 2007 caused the Spanish stock market to plunge; which was an indicator of the overinflated mortgage market in Spain. More detailed analysis of the Spanish market was looked at with the article Credit markets still vulnerable. Liquidity still and issue for the world banks. European mortgage and debt markets next to collapse after the US? Recently I discussed the severe ramifications of a global meltdown of the mortgage markets (simultaneously), this was analyzed in the article World Crisis scenarios for the 21st Century – Worldwide economic depression (update 8 ). More specifically the vulnerable European mortgage markets such as Ireland and Spain.

Bloomberg has recently posted a new article regarding Spain’s declining property market and the effect it will have on greater Europe Spain’s Sinking Property Market May Roil Europe (Update1)


2 Responses to “Spain’s contracting property market.”

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