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Happy new year for 2008!

Posted by Adrian on January 3, 2008

Happy new year to all my readers who follow the Finance and Economics. Strategy and Society blog entries on morbius glass.

As 2008 has begun, there has already been continuing reports regarding the deteriorating housing market in the States and new bank writedowns on the horizon into the next quarters mixed with the gloomy prospect of a severe US recession.

2008 will be an eventful year, especially in regards to the world financial markets, but also geopolitical and environmental. In some ways one could say that 2008 could be a year of major society change good or bad, but nevertheless an inevitability. A year that might offer creative/or disruptive technologies as a real alternative too investing and everyday lifestyle change.

2007 was a year that represented the beginning of the end of the world boom economy with world GDP expected too slow dramatically in 2008. Lead by the US recession, with contracting Asian markets, European and the UK could quite possible slide into recessionary conditions as well. 2007 was also a good indicator of the dangers of inflation, in which most Western and some Asian countries now are facing inflationary pressures namely the remaining housing bubbles in the EU like the UK, Ireland, Spain. 2008 will be the year to reveal the major consequences of inflation, from the assets markets through to food and fuel.

The World crisis scenarios for the 21 century will constantly be updated, in which will now look at the progress on climate change policy and emission trading aspects.

I hope to also look at emerging technologies such as the biotechnology sector and nanotechnology, also the green technologies such as solar, wind and geothermal throughout 2008.


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