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Fashion trends for 2008 (men)

Posted by Adrian on January 20, 2008

Sure, who cares really. But still with every 2nd person looking like every 1st person, it’s good to see throwing some humour into the mix in regards to fashion trends for men in 2008.

It’s written like a stockbrokers recommendation (for stocks) : buy, hold, sell. But in this case it’s fashion trends, previous and future recommendations.

This one caught my eye, ‘tattoo sleeves’. I remember a tattooist saying to me 4yrs ago, that the next trend will not be full arm tattoos sleeves; but strategically placed tattoos on the body (i,e a little thought gone into it, thank you). I agree, but I guess it is a shame for the early 20’s something that went all out, because Johnny Tattoo looks cool.

Suffice to say, it’s a ‘sell’. from


Tattoo Sleeves:

Terrible heartbreak, Russian mafia membership, getting really drunk on shore leave—there are tons of good reasons to get a tattoo. “Because that guy from Good Charlotte did it” is not one of them.”



3 Responses to “Fashion trends for 2008 (men)”

  1. sir jorge said

    yeah, bad reason for anything

  2. Hello I sumbled upon your site by mistake, I was searching Yahoo for new designers of fashion when I came upon your site, I must say your site is really cool I truely think the layout, its amazing!. I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment to completely read through your blog but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back when I free up some time. Bravo for a fantastic website.

  3. Sean Swag said

    popular – Urban Source for Fashion Trends, Entertainment, and Gadgets

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