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DVD Reviews – Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth DVD

Posted by Adrian on January 24, 2008


pic from: Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth DVD

How can I describe this DVD? Think Power Rangers TV show , the Beastie Boys Intergalactic clip, Japanese Godzilla movies (where 5 foot plus guys in monster costumes are filmed to look like 50 story buildings), you know the fight scenes in the cityscape (model fake style) – refer to the Beastie Boys link as they paid homage to Kaiju, lastly the theatrical metal band GWAR.

The Kaiju Big Battel crew have taken the whole Japanese Kaiju homage to a new level – insert WWE style wrestling! Ok, this is pretty geeky stuff, but fun, these guys and girls have written up a whole story around the Americana style Kaiju; villains, characters (in fact there are more characters than you can poke a stick at), comedy, monster blood, goo, bizarre monster get ups. The live shows would be a blast I reckon, kids would love it, fun for the whole family. The Kaiju Big Battel crew obviously get a kick out of the live performances. Shocking Truth DVD has a slew of live action inserts from the wrestling gigs. Actually the Kaiju Big Battel wrestlers are good at what they do, it’s amateurish to a point, but the production and design is all top notch. I mean seeing guys in foam and latex monster unfits throw each other around a cage, you gotta see the humour in that.

Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth DVD is a fun ride, good to see a ‘not’ mainstream production doing an entertaining and competent job. Like I said earlier the kids would love this DVD, maybe it might inspire them to make a costume and jump off the couch onto their brother or sister. But I don’t know how much your wife, girlfriend or otherwise would be into this; I mean if they can withstand the huge amounts of geekness you might be ok.

All and all fun. Check it out:


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