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DVD Reviews – Legendary Weapons of China 1982 (Director Lau Kar-Leung)

Posted by Adrian on February 6, 2008


Confusion. A Shaw Brothers distribution, so expect some good Kung Fu fight scenes. The plot? Hard to say. Magical Kung Fu guys verses, other guys, with some magic using a variety of Chinese weapons. Also, this is a comedy, I didn’t find it funny though – but one scene was bizarre, hence it was funny. Magic Kung Fu, cult guys standing attention, cult guy master says to two pupils show your loyalty, one magic Kung Fu pupil guy rips his eyes out, does a flip then dies, next guy summoned rips his dick off, does a flip and dies. The sheer spontaneity of the scene with give you a chuckle, depending on your mental patience with this Kung Fu flick.

The thing is with some of these early Chinese, Shaw Brother productions is that the stories are like soap opera, hard to keep track of the characters, people come and go. The action is solid, yet drags. In fact the whole movie drags.

There are better Shaw Brother flicks and better Chinese Kung Fu flicks.


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