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The destruction of the middle class, freedom, inequality and the rise of class distinction. Economist Paul Krugman and Jounerlist/filmaker Adam Curtis

Posted by Adrian on February 25, 2008

I just finished reading a transcript done on the ABC from the Commonwealth Club in San Fransisco, the speaker is the economist Paul Krugman; he has offered an insight into why the middle class of America doesn’t really exist anymore, in comparison to the ‘baby boomer’ era 1950’s. The reasons, as he puts it, is a puzzle, the fact that such inequality between the rich and poor as far as pay, health care, union protection and job security almost doesn’t exist for the so called middle income earners to lower income earners. Yet, there hasn’t been a back lash politically against societies inequality, which as Paul Krugman argues levels of inequality is in regards to income distribution; hasn’t polarized the masses. It appears from his estimates the gap is so significant between asset wealth, income wealth between rich and poor, that the scenario reflects the prolonged American gilded age right into the 1920’s.

The illusion, or feeling of wealth is the fact that more spouses are working, hence double incomes. Yet prices, costs of living have risen dramatically. You could also say the amount of credit that has been available to people, contributed to the deception of the wealth effect

He puts some good points across, regarding the reason politics went so far to the right, the utilization of the race card in right wing America politics, the end of the union movement and of course fear (terrorism).

Please check out the transcript of the speech here

Adam Curtis is the documentary filmmaker who brought us the amazing well thought out documentary the Power of Nightmares. His latest documentary is called ‘The Trap’, in which argues that society has entrapped it’s self into a predicament by world governments.

I am under no doubt that the biggest con job humanity has ever fallen for has taken place, more notedly the ‘War on Terror’ (a war without end, with a ‘structured’ enemy that doesn’t exist), the global economic boom and ‘wealth effect’ (in regards to developed nations populous not being any richer), governments (in which are run like businesses, hording incredible amounts of money – namely sovereign funds) and the destruction of democracy in the west.

Adam Curtis documentary The Trap revels a governing system, that in some ways was reinforced by old misgivings of humanity. In the sense, they (governments) believe that humans need to be controlled, led and watched. We can’t be trusted. We are only bio machines, with only self preservation and a desire for freedom – and our leaders are the only ones that can deliver this too us.

The BBC, ‘The Trap’ is an extensive documentary; below are YouTube links of the The Trap. The links belong to the ‘Lonely Robot’ a subpart of The Trap doco

Part 1 – The Trap, “Lonely Robot” (Adam Curtis)

Please note these are only exerts from the main documentary, it would be well worth buying the DVD.


One Response to “The destruction of the middle class, freedom, inequality and the rise of class distinction. Economist Paul Krugman and Jounerlist/filmaker Adam Curtis”

  1. Scott Auger said

    In the United States, voter registration has never been higher (70 % of the eligible voters ) and yet there has been a steady DECLINE in voter turnout. We had a more than 10 % spike last election after Bin Laden released his video 2 days before the election, and I’m sure there will be another spike this year when Obama becomes the next President. This may placate the masses for a while, but nothing has actually changed. In this day and age of modern technology, a NATIONAL POLL – instituted so the masses can be actively involved in their REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY on a weekly basis, adding in their 2 cents on all the major issues of the week – is the best remedy for ailing voter discontentment. Of course there is probably not one elected official who would ever WANT such a thing, and that has more to do with the FACT that we are a FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC ( google United States, Wikipedia, first sentence ) and NOT a representative democracy. The PEOPLE want to be heard, my most distinguished and learned gentlemen and ladies, or so many of them would not be registering. If you truly want the people to feel positive about politics in general, why not give them an opportunity to become actively involved, say once a week, allowing them to voice their opinions on the major issues. When that day comes to pass, you will have solved voter discontentment in the United States.

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