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Overview of Pink Sniper (Eros Comix). Writer/Artist Kengo Yonekura

Posted by Adrian on March 5, 2008


Japan culture/popular culture is fascinating. There seems to be taboo issues, extremities and a ton of other cross cultural aspects taken from western culture. Wrapped up in their own style, if anyone followed Manga animation, you would understand the bizarreness in some of the characters. Unique stories that are essentially modern Japanese story telling. So does each culture looks at sex differently? The Japanese Manga comics that deal with sex either show two things (part from the actual sex), domination, control – that seem to interact from female to male, and back again.

Pink Sniper is just completely out there, there is wall to wall sex from start to finish (although the comic is read Japanese style back to front, if you know what I mean). The Story? Well a local school doctor Haruna Sakurai (who is a buxom, voluptuous woman with an insatiable sexual appetite) seduces various students that end up in her Health Room, or as the students call it the hell -room. The art is extremely detailed, so get ready for some well drawn sex in a comic. It’s a strange mix, you have half animal humans, a medical student (Niibia) who is prodigy. Who ends up as a sexual prize for Dr Sakuri, so the comic begins and ends with Dr Sakuri having sex with Niibia in every-possible way imaginably. The half humans also have sex at some point in the comic, with the sexual submission of the uptight Niibia continuing right through the book. To a reverse climax (reverse climax?) at the end of the book, you know the dominated now gets to dominate, a role reversal.

There really isn’t too much else too add, like I mentioned the art is very well drawn. The eye for detail has to be seen to be believed. I mean Kengo Yonekura has captured the human form in all it’s glory (in a caricature Manga kinda way). The dialogue isn’t too bad, so you get the general idea what is going ion, the translation is well done. So the Pink Sniper flows quite well.

Recommendation, well this comic has a certain amount of ‘pulp’ fiction to it, in that sense it comes across as collectible aspect. You’ll see nothing like this comic, there is a unique bizarreness about it. A humours ride into sexual mayhem.

What I will say is the difference with sexual literature, comics, books even narrated photo journalistic style erotica. Is that there is imagination and thought, and an equal showing of desire. Porn, or the modern porn today is fastfood junk sold to the inert mind.


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