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morbius glass quote of the month (May 2008) – The Sopranos

Posted by Adrian on May 1, 2008

The Sopranos was most probably the most important TV drama that appeared on television in the last decade. It was a show that was able to achieve so much in conveying contemporary issues, events and melodrama into it’s main theme – east coast Mafia, namely New Jersey. But apart from the mafia theme, which is a perfect theme to represent a deconstruction of US society, the Sopranos covered aspects of that fine line between criminality and legality. The writers must have had fun breaking down that line, I mean they (writers) expressed through the show the frustration of a 21st Century, that in someways has been a kinda flop. The show timed it’s self with events, September 11th 2001, economic problems in the States early 2000, social anxiety and so on. But it’s the understanding of the traditional mafia concept, possible that dying tradition of Italian based organized crime in America. In which The Sopranos was the base the writers used, to portray a society powering into the 21st century with an aimless hysteria. You got over ambitious FBI, seeing how the can use the Sopranos case to further their credentials into a higher realm. Corrupt housing advocates for poor blacks, corrupt councilmen, corrupt legal world. So overall it’s the corruption of the non criminal society, the blur is distinguished between what is criminal and what is acceptable in a modern society.

The Sopranos also covered psychiatry/counseling issues, the so called epidemic of depressed children and teens, drug addiction, greed, marriage, infidelity, religious hypocrisy, government hypocrisy, terrorism. It was in it’s entirety and intense show, it achieved so much. Thankfully the writers wrote into an alpha and omega, in other words it ended. Which is good, in a time when writers for TV, books, comics have become either lazy or afraid to challenge the norm. Drama has been allowed to become soap opera orientated – with no end, or shift beginnings and ends (prequels, flashbacks etc).

Suffice to say, if it is later decided (by the creators of the show) that there could be a prequel to The Sopranos, although that would be a dreadful concept, the completed show will still stand as a masterpiece of modern day drama.

On to the quote, now with The Sopranos finished for good, in which last episode was written as a blunt ending (black screen). There was one quote from season 4, episode “For All Debts Public and Private”, where Carmela (Tony Sopranos wife), queries Tony about finances, she is concerned about the future and if something happens to him; will she and the children be secure financially.

She finishes the argument with Tony by saying, “everything comes to an end”.

At this point in history, I feel that simple quote (even though it’s from a character in a TV drama) is relevant. Because in the context of the quote even within The Sopranos TV drama. Eventually everything ends, and are we prepared for endings? Not death pe se (which is the ultimate ending), if you are dead it’s not going to mean anything to anything anyway (unless you are religious and believe in a afterlife, in any case death is a closed book). But in life cycles there are endings and beginnings. It’s the reality of life. I feel society now is at a turning point and we are not ready for it, the financial markets as we know them and the degree of normality is ending and it might be a harsh ending. The banks and the markets haven’t been prepared for end of prosperity, it’s an arrogance and a detachment from reality if we don’t except that everything ends.

Same goes for oil, it is most likely that oil will never go under $100 a barrel, that if no new discoveries occur (the expense will be enormous regardless) cheap fuel for society has finished.

So I believe we are entering an era of upheaval and change going further into the 21st century, we are going to see some drastic changes occur, whether they be from climate change, peak oil, or economic turmoil. It’s the inevitability of a beginning and an end – but it just means that cycles continue and if we are not prepared for change in the future and the fact that things do end. Then that is at our own detriment.


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