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Can we make the world any weirder? Cults, the Occults and idea factories – the fusion for a good story. UFO’s, Ancient Astronauts

Posted by Adrian on June 3, 2008

UFO stories are cool, I like hearing about them. They hold for me a certain tacky interest. Do I believe them, sadly no. Until a flying saucer lands somewhere and a crazy four armed alien runs out the craft trying to annihilate the human race with ray guns; well that’s the proof I wanna see.

Seriously, I think science will eventually reveal that life is elsewhere in outer space, that humans are not alone in the cosmos. But even in early stages of extraterrestrial theory, or the search for other life in the universe. Science has grappled with the sheer magnitude of space travel, or intergalactic space travel. In other words our present perception of space travel is rockets and rocket based propulsion. It is impossible for any rocket propelled craft too travel the millions of light years to reach our planet. If they eventually reach us, they may get to us in a flying coffin (all dead and turned to dust) from traveling millions of years into the future. Assuming they just left their planet a million years ago.

As human beings we try to equate our understanding of reality, with our limited perception of what lies outside away from our planet. So we create an palatable idea of what an alien looks like, what the craft would be like an so on. The UFO/alien perception, eventually formulates into a delusive, easy to handle idea. Rocket propelled spacecraft and humanoid type aliens.

The late (and great) Carl Sagan, in my opinion, came close to a sensible idea of possible alien ‘contact’. Hence the name of the book and movie Contact with Jodi Foster.

Based on wormhole travel and a craft that can travel through space and time; that is not a rocket based idea. The aliens in Contact, in which I suspect Carl Sagan deliberately kept ambiguous, formed an approachable image that the human mind could cope with – that being a memory of someone familiar (in the case of Jodie Foster’s character in Contact, her deceased father).

Anyway, eventually as I mentioned science will reveal the realties of space and time travel, inter dimensions and the real possibility of life and advanced civilizations on other planets. Till then, we can have fun with our fantasies of aliens and UFO’s.

The hype of the alien hysteria and the fear of UFO’s came in the form of 1950’s residual cold war paranoia. There were more movies released in the 50’s based on UFO’s then you poke a stick at.

A clip from Earth V’s The Flying saucers (1956) movie:

Then we have the conspiracy government aspect (which is played out and a boring part of the UFO mythology), the cult aspect, the hidden truth aspect ala UFO buffs looking at anything that resembles a UFO (saucer or cigar) in early art, documented art, tribal art and so. Historic UFO and alien visitor myths were created, stories unfolded and authors emerged making some bucks in the process. More notably Chariot of The Gods (written by Erich von Däniken), which is probably the coolest and most far fetched documentary (based on book, image below) ever devised. A hugely influentially (for sci fiction) and nicely (albeit non scientifically) put together load of shitloa. But it’s a fun ride. Daniken made claims of ancient tribal interaction with alien visitors and he had the art and rock carvings to prove it.

Below is a image of the famous Dogu figure from the Jōmon period of Ancient Japan. Claims this was an alien or ancient astronaut; how good does this figurine look?

But the UFO stories get even crazier, especially when the bad jokes of history, the Nazi’s, are brought back into the fold. Yes, the Nazi’s have been used in any every conspiracy, cult, alien, evil conatation you could think of, why? Third Reich and the Nazis epitomizes human evil and how a whole populous could be so deluded by a cult of personality (Hitler) – and the atrocities committed under one person and the hysteria that transpired. Yet, UFO conspiracy theorists believe somehow the Nazis tapped Alien technology and had flying saucers.

Some world class nutjobs came out on this one, some classic claims that have been used in various popular culture stories. A guy by the name of Miguel Serrano, a Chilean who by all reports was obsessed with Hitler and the UFO cult aspect. Landed this crazy theory, as followes from wikipedia “published The Golden Band, in which he claimed that Adolf Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu and was then communing with Hyperborean gods in an underground Antarctic base. Serrano predicted that Hitler would lead a fleet of UFOs from the base to establish the Fourth Reich

I actually think a lot of the writing that came out in the 1960’s and 1970’s, when the hype of UFO conspiracy came to it’s forte, was drugged inspired (maybe LSD?, ok I am guessing here), mixed with some delusional fantasy and maybe some (although not all that intentional) business ideas to make money. You know, go with the hype of the time.

But no further ado, the claims from a video in regards to the Nazis, anti gravity and flying disks:

There are still some good stories left in the UFO/alien folklore. How far can we keep tapping into the past is left up to our imagination. But from a pulp fiction crappy kinda way, one can draw out an idea and rework it. To what degree that idea can be transpired onto film or book or comic, in a original way depends of the writer/director. Recently Stephen Spielberg has worked the Mayan Crystal Skull/alien thingy (courtesy of Danikan – Chariots of The Gods) in the new Indian Jones movie (I haven’t seen the movie yet), but from what I have read he (Spielberg) has tapped some cool alien, ancient astronaut stories.


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