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Tame the speculators?

Posted by Adrian on June 19, 2008

These government official eggheads are wasting time, mental and yes money; or pointless, misinformed ‘voter’ approval verbal vomit . In regards to commodity markets and speculators pushing up prices.

Suffice to say the legislation to curb funds from investing in the commodity market will not happen – the backlash and possible legal injunctions from free market advocates will be numerous .

The speculation blame game (for pushing up commodity prices is a ridicules notion), in fact if politicians really gave a f###### damn about energy demand they would be pouring billions into proper alternatives and research. They haven’t and don’t really care at all about the oil shortage. They are shortsighted and brain dead when they blame the markets for high prices, when in fact ‘they’ allowed oil to be the ONLY reliant energy source. With no alternative in sight.

Also, the US Fed has literally slaughtered the US Dollar, remember the USD is pegged against all commodities. So with inflation zapping literally every asset vaule you have, the commodity markets at this point is the only hedge.

Where was this lame ass congressman (Lieberman) when Ben Bernanke went bonkers and chopped the US cash rate down to 2.00%? Which has added to global INFLATION and contributed to high commodity prices.

Article here Marketwatch


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